Grand Rapids Mi….Dynamic Real Estate Blogging & Code of Ethics Continuing Education COMBO!

Gwyn Besner ~ The Acme Institute

There’s a simple proverb that says…”When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

For thousands of students in Michigan, including myself, that teacher has been Gwyn Besner. My initial interraction with Gwyn was during a Continuing Education Class. I found her teaching style interesting and she definitely kept us awake!

Through the years, I have recommended Gwyn Besner to many students who through her instruction and encouragement successfully passed their real estate licensing exams.  More importantly, these new real estate agents finished her classes with a clear sense of what the real estate profession aspires to be and were well prepared to launch their new profession. 

Today, Gwyn is the President and Instructor for the Acme Institute and continues to teach students across the State of Michigan.

So, I am delighted to be able to have the opportunity to have Gwyn Besner participate in the Continuing Education Courses that are being offered in Grand Rapids, Michigan on May 28th, 2008

Gwyn will be joining us in the afternoon of May 28th, 2008 to teach the Code of Ethics!  This class will function for double duty!  In addition to qualifying for 3 hours of Continuing Education Core Curriculum, this class will also allow members of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors to have an interesting, live interactive Code of Ethics class…one of the requirements for ALL members of GRAR.

Don’t Miss this Opportunity!

Here’s a Description of the Course that Gwyn will be teaching on May 28, 2008… 

Honesty, Integrity and Commitment are not just buzz words.  As a REALTOR® those are the promises you make.  The public knows that because you can use the term REALTOR® after your name, they can expect nothing less from you.  Do you really understand the promises you are making?  Join us for a fresh perspective of the Code as we celebrate its 100th birthday. 

This class contains the NAR required curriculum for the Second Cycle of Quadrennial training and has been approved by the Department of Labor and Economic Growth of the State of Michigan for three hours of continuing education, including the mandatory two hour core curriculum (legal update) #K299, K5047.  Presented by Gwyn Besner of The Acme Institute Approval code K348

Class Starts at 1:00 p.m.

Registration begins at Noon* Participants in the Blogging Courses can register for all 3 courses and obtain 7 hours of Continuing Education in one day and have all your requirements for Continuing Education, Core Curriculum/Legal Update AND Code of Ethics in one day! If you register for all 3 Courses…We’ll Feed You Lunch!

Place:  660 Kenmoor SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Click this LINK to REGISTER for the Code of Ethics class!  (the registration button is at the bottom of the page)

Click this LINKG to REGISTER for Blogging Continuing Education Classes!


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