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A Little Bit About a Neighboring Community…

Grandville became a settlement around 1832 when Luther Lincoln, Grandville’s first non-Native American settler was given a post after purchasing some land.  However, it would be another 15 years before the small community organized itself into a village and finally became a city in 1933.

Today, Grandville is home to approximately 17,000 residents.  Grandville could be described as a bedroom community in the sense that most of the residents commute to other locations in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area for work.

Some of the unique destination points which make Grandville, a frequent stop for many locals are two locations.  First Grandville is home to two of West Michigan’s mega churches, Mars Hill, which meets in a defunct mall claims attendance numbers of upwards of 10,000 and Ressurection Life Church which serves approximately 7,000 people a week.

In a peculiar way, Grandville’s other prime attraction is another portal to weekly congregating…though this time in a much more material and worldly nature.  Grandville is home to Rivertown Crossings Mall.  The area’s two story mall has spawned a number of outlet malls and businesses since it’s opening in 1999 and has been a huge boost to the local economy.

A visit to Grandville, Mi might also include enjoying the scenery at one of 3 local parks.  Grandville’s Wedgewood and Heritage Parks both have very nice playground and picnic facilities and Grandville is one of 4 West Michigan cities to border Millennium Park.

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