Autumn by the Grand Traverse Bay…

Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City Michigan

Grand Traverse Bay, Traverse City Michigan

View of the Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan in Fall of 2008.  Empty beach chairs herald the arrival of fall and cooler weather.  But, it’s still beautiful to look at.  Picture taken from my balcony while attending a real estate seminar in Traverse City, Michigan. 

Sandy Dunes on the Big Lake…

My job often allows me to meet people from other parts of the country. In talking with a recent visitor to Grand Rapids, MI, this remark was made (refering to West Michigan):

"This area is a hidden jewel!"

I’d agree. There is so much natural beauty in Michigan. Grand Rapids provides the benefits of urban sophistication with small town charm. You really have to experience it to understand…

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White Pine Along the Rogue River…

View of Rogue River from White Pine Trail in Rockford, Michigan

View of Rogue River from White Pine Trail in Rockford, Michigan

The West Michigan area enjoys close proximity to Lake Michigan and several larger rivers including the Grand River and the Rogue River.  This shot is taken along the White Pine Trail from the deck of Reds on the River, a newer restaurant offering in the West Michigan area.

Picture by Lola Audu

Relentless Campaign…First Annual Walk-a-thon @ Ressurection Life Church, Grandville, MI

What is Human Trafficking?

Relentless Campaign Poster

Relentless Campaign Poster

“Human trafficking is a world-wide trade.  It is defined as “the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of fraud or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or sex slavery.”  (Condoleezza Rice 2007)

For most the Western world, the world of slavery is part of the long forgotten nightmare of human history.  But the remarkable TRUTH is that Human Slavery is still taking place all over the world TODAY, including within the United States.  Today, more than 27 Million people remain ENSLAVED around the world.

This weekend, I attended a local church, Ressurection Life Churchin Grandville, Michigan.  Outside the entrance, a young woman was selling T-Shirts and other items to promote the First Annual 5K Walk-a-thon which the church is sponsoring to raise money and awareness for this cause on August 9, 2008.  The walk starts at 9:00 a.m.

It was while talking the young lady and looking at the materials that I realised that the Relentless Campaign was a ministry formed by a group of local young women dedicated to seeing sex trafficking abolished in the United States and around the world.  Because women are particularly vulnerable to becoming the victims of this henious crime, it is significant that these young women have chosen to take on this task with vigor and strong resolve.

For more information and to support their efforts, you may contact the Relentless Campaign @

Relentless Campaign Facebook page/group

Relentless Campaign MySpace page/group

*Proceeds from the walk will be donated to A21

COST:  $20 minimum entrance fee

Ressurection Life Church

5100 Ivanrest, Grandville, MI  49418

 [where: 5100 Ivanrest, Grandville, MI 49418]
[where: 49418]

What it Means to Holla’ for REcognition…

Most of us emerge on planet earth with all the stridency that our 8 to 9 pounds of flesh can muster.  So much so that the infant who emerges without a lusty yell is promptly  spanked on the rump to produce one.  After all…one has arrived.  Say so!    

Sideline living is against the grain of human ego.  A newborn baby in a household quickly demands just about everyones’ waking and non-waking moments.

While we relish the joy of observing the expansion of new life in a newborn, this quickly becomes old by the time the child hits the terrible twos.  Who can blame the toddler?  Relinquishing prime real estate territory at ‘the center of a universe of ONE‘ cannot be easy.
But, I suspect that the inclinations of the toddler do not fully disappear.  In most of us, they simply retreat underground; temporarily masked by the need to adhere to social norms but always eager to assume center stage if and when the opportunity arises.  A silent witness to the most debilitating form of human suffering…the deep yearning to be given permission to live life with gusto….