A Celebration of the Art of Life…ArtPrize 2009

Artprize Entry 2009 ~ Nessie on the Grand River in Grand Rapids, MI

The ‘Nessie’ sculpture remains one of my favorite entries for the ArtPrize contest which took place in Grand Rapids early this fall.  Over 1,000 artistic entries from all over the country and world came to Grand Rapids and were displayed in the streets and buildings of our city.

It’s a wonderful thing to see what the beauty of art can do.  I think it brings out the beauty of people.  As I walked around looking at various entries, I observed people smiling, talking, holding hands and having a great time.  It was a time of wonderful moments!

Expanding the horizon…New role for Lola Audu, Grand Rapids Real Estate

Lola Audu with 2007 NAR President, Pat Vredevoodg

Yesterday, 2 extraordinary events intersected together in 1 day aka 1,440 Minutes. During the Annual Broker Meeting of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors®, I was nominated by Pat Vredevoodg, 2007 NAR President for the position of President-Elect (2009) & elected by the board of Brokers of the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors®.

It was a moment ripe with symbolism on a variety of levels.  Pat captured a unique essence during her brief nomination speech which she termed as a ‘tweet’ about why the Brokers present should cast their vote in favor of the nomination.

Here’s Pat’s insightful Twitter nomination: Vote for Lola Audu because she is “Smart, Caring, Cutting Edge, Daring, Forward & Clear Thinking, Humble, Funny, RE Pro, Motivator, Responsible, Experienced, Mom, Inspiration

Later that afternoon, I picked up a direct message on Twitter from Todd Carpenter, NAR’s Social Media Manager who asked me to check my in-box for a message from President-Elect of NAR, Vickie Cox Golder. Here are excerpts from the e-mail which showed up this morning,

Dear Lola,

Congratulations!  You have been identified as an influencer in progressive ideas about real estate and, as a result, we invite you to participate in a new pilot program for the National Association of Realtors ®.  NAR’s leadership would like to include your voice in our governance system in 2010 and have selected a national NAR committee for you to join. …..

By serving on a national NAR committee, you will have the opportunity to bring your ideas about today’s competitive and evolving marketplace to the industry’s leaders and you will be in a position to spark change within the business……

NAR has made a commitment to elevating the voice of young professionals and early adopter of social media in the real estate business, and we want to hear from you…..you were recommended to serve on the Housing Opportunity Committee.

What an opportunity!  I’m so grateful to God that the tapestry which He weaves in our lives through our experiences is never conventional nor is He ever limited by pre-conceived limitations about who we are or can become.

Just about 3 years ago, I decided to write a blog post. Within a month, I stumbled upon Active Rain and signed up.  Looking back, I know realise that I had absolutely NO idea how much that simple decision would change my life and career.