The CQ Advantage! Cultural Intelligence for REALTORS

The CQ Advantage! Cultural Intelligence for REALTORS

Audu Real Estate is pleased to present a brand new CE Marketplace certified course:  The CQ Advantage!  Cultural Intelligence for REALTORS.  Please contact Lola Audu at for information about booking this course for your company or organization.  The course is certified for 2 Hours of Continuing Education Credit for Michigan real estate agents. (1 Hour Elective, 1 Hour Legal)

Instructor:  Lola Audu

Course Descriptive:  C000482  – available through the CE Marketplace

Certified for 2 Hours of Continuing Education Credit for real estate professionals in the State of Michigan

*Material is also available in two one hour classes certified for 1 credit each.  Course number C000609 and C000610 if you prefer a shorter version of the material.

Click to view/download mini-PDF version of course: Cultural Intelligence Mini Preview

We live in a global village, a multi-contextual mixing bowl of cultures and counter-cultures.  Cultural Intelligence has emerged as a critical form of knowledge, insight and engagement necessary to be competitive across a broad spectrum of client interactions.  Perhaps few professions deal with differences in culture and perspective as frequently as members of the real estate community who are tasked with helping people of every race, tribe, creed and tongue find that unique spot to call home.

We’re pleased to present a unique class which explores the role that Cultural Intelligence can play in helping REALTORS understand how to serve the needs of their clients.  Culture is an entity that morphs and changes.  Simply learning a few ‘so called ‘rules of engagement’ is not adequate preparation for the numerous ways in which culture impacts response patterns, thinking and interactions.  A lack of cultural intelligence can create angst, irritation and loss of otherwise promising business opportunities.

The class draws from Lola Audu’s personal experience of growing up in a cross cultural context within the African continent that included an educational experience where students represented 60 different nationalities.  A term which is sometimes used to describe individuals who regularly navigate the world of multiple cultures is ‘third culture’ kids.  A simple question such as ‘Where is home?’ may be answered in surprisingly nuanced ways.  The Millennial generation is the most diverse generation in America’s history.  It is also the most diverse generation culturally in the entire world.  You may enjoy reading the this article and watching the video below.

While most Americans will not have this level of cultural dissonance or experience, the reality is that in today’s world, a REALTOR’s clients will increasingly have some elements which differ from the traditional norm of the dominant culture.  Are you prepared to serve effectively?

In addition, the course will cover issues of cultural ethnocentrism as well as discussing Fair Housing issues related to the impact of the institution of dominant cultural norms and discrimination in the United Sates.

For booking information:  Lola Audu  – 616-791-0511 or

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New CE Marketplace Certified Courses for Michigan Real Estate Professionals – 2015

We’re pleased to announce the approval of 5 NEW Continuing Education Courses for real estate professionals in the State of Michigan.  The following courses have been CE Certified by the CE Marketplace for the 2015 calendar year.  Real Estate professionals can now take advantage of this ground breaking material while earning educational credits to satisfy licensing requirements.  Book your Continuing Education event today by calling 616-791-0511 or e-mailing: for availability and booking information.  The course and descriptions are highlighted below including a mini-preview of course content.

Pivotal Real Estate Trends for 2015

Certified for 2 Hours of Continuing Education Credit for Michigan Real Estate Professionals

Instructor:  Lola Audu

Course Descriptive: C000177

Pivotal Real Estate Cover Capture

This class explores 23 pivotal trends that have potential for significant impact within the real estate industry. We will highlight several key areas of opportunity and challenge for real estate professionals. These include developments in the following areas: Government Regulation, Consumer Trends & Behavior, The Housing Market and the changing role of the Real Estate Professional and Technology.  Topics covered include:  International Investment, Global Competition, Rise of Personal Marketing, Housing Market – Implications of Low Inventory Levels, Changing Demographics & Spending Pattern Shifts, Real Estate Professionalism – Code of Excellence, New Association Standards, Technology – Big Data technology, Rise of the iTechnologist, Democratization of Technology, Mobile Technology, Government Regulation – CFPB, Mortgage Regulation, Frank-Dodd Act

Click to Download Mini Preview PDF Pivotal Real Estate Trends for 2015

Click to Download Mini Preview Slideshow Pivotal Real Estate Trends for 2015

Anatomy of a Smart City

Certified for 2 Hours of Continuing Education Credit for Michigan Real Estate professionals

Instructor:  Lola Audu

Anatomy of a Smart City Capture

Course Description: #C000140
A Smart City is one which utilizes digital technologies and smart governance to enhance performance, reduce cost and to more effectively engage actively with its’ citizens. By 2050, the United Nations estimates that 70% of the world’s population will live within city centers and their perimeters. Real estate professionals can play key roles in helping their communities plan and prepare for housing needs and demographic shifts as populations centers shift. This will require an understanding of how the smart communities operate and the need for real estate professionals to have key roles in engaging the citizens and government effectively to spearhead the type of growth which will benefit the interests of private property rights and home ownership.

Click to Download Mini Preview PDFAnatomy of a Smart City: Re-inventing the Future of Community

Click to Download Mini Preview Slideshow Anatomy of a Smart City: Re-inventing the Future of Community

Fair Housing Risk Reduction Strategies

Certified for 3 Hours Legal Continuing Education and Fair Housing

Instructors:  Doretha Ardoin and Lola Audu

Course descriptive: #C000141

Fair Housing Cover Capture

Fair Housing is foundational to the rights and privileges available to people living in the United States.  The history of the Fair Housing Act as well as Civil Rights is covered in the class.  In addition, students will gain an understanding of the the role and responsibility that is involved in providing housing services through sales, property management and counsel in the real estate industry.  Fair Housing covers a number of areas which include:  race, familial status, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, color, sexual orientation and marital status.  The class will include case law as well as video examples and discussion about a wide variety of situations.  This class promises to broaden your scope of understanding how to avoid costly litigation and provides students with the information and knowledge to offer service across a wide range of potential clients.  Diversity is celebrated as one of the strengths that has enabled America to become a great nation.

Click to Download Mini Preview PDF Fair Housing Risk Reduction Strategies

Click to Download Mini Preview Slideshow Fair Housing – Risk Reduction Strategies

Netiquette:  Social Media Etiquette Savvy for the Millennial Entrepreneur

Certified for 2 Hours of Continuing Education for Michigan Real Estate Professionals (Ethics)

Instructor:  Lola Audu

Course descriptive: #C000056 and C000178

Netiquette Cover Capture

Social Media is woven into the core of life and business in every sector today. Savvy entrepreneurs can utilize this medium to increase their profits, build brand recognition and to find new customers. This is definitely true in the real estate industry where surveys indicate that more consumers are choosing to engage on social media as a way to connect with and choose real estate professionals. Unfortunately, the rules have not always been clearly defined. As a result, real estate professionals may find themselves in legal jeopardy or worse as they strive to navigate a world that seems to blur the boundaries between what is personal vs. professional.

Click to Download Mini Preview PDF Netiquette: Social Media Savvy for the Millennial Entrepreneur

Click to Download Mini Preview Slideshow Netiquette: Social Media Etiquette Savvy for the Millennial Entrepreneur

Placemaking Capture

Instructor:  Lola Audu

Course Descriptive:  C000203  – available through the CE Marketplace

Certified for 1 Hour of Continuing Education Credit for real estate professionals in the State of Michigan

Placemaking: Re-thinking the Nature of Environment examines the role of REALTORS and real estate professionals in facilitating an effective strategy for collaboration with community stakeholders, business leaders and organizations and residents in their local areas.

You may be asking…what is Placemaking?  Well, a concise answer is this:Placemaking creates vibrant spaces through the thoughtful and intentional development of shared communal space. A number of recent studies indicate that when the development and integration of shared communal space is addressed intelligently, there is a direct correlation to a number of benefits including healthier community engagement and interaction as well as enhanced economic growth and opportunities.

The course is designed to educate real estate professionals about the opportunities and responsibilities the industry shares in ensuring that our communities develop in healthy and economically viable ways.

May also be of interest to: Business & Community leaders, Planning and Zoning Boards, Environmental companies, Commercial real estate and lending professionals, Non-profits interested in community development, City planners, Developers

Click to view mini pre-view: Mini Placemaking Version 2

FAQ: When is the best time to put my home on the market for sale?

Question:  When is the best time to put my home on the market?

Answer:  I’m sure you think you know the answer to this.  It’s SPRING time of course!  Everyone knows that you put your home on the market in spring because that’s when everyone else puts their home up for sale.

It is true that more homes are placed for sale in spring and summer than at any other time during the year.  But it is also true that more home do not sell during this period as well.  It’s a competition thing.  With more competition, it may be more difficult to retail a home.  Many owners are surprised to find that another excellent time to retail a home can be in the months of October and November.  You’d be surprised at how may people dream of spending the holidays in a new home.  And homes look the prettiest during the holidays wouldn’t you say?

More FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) here

About the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions Series)

This series is designed to answer questions that we hear clients asking over and over again.  Perhaps, you’ve wondered about some of these questions yourself.  While this is not intended to be an exhaustive explanation on the subject being discussed, it is our hope that these short blogs will provide helpful insights and may encourage you to explore further.  Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail with any questions.

Grand Rapids, MI Social Media Boot Camp concludes with Blogging Basic/Ethics Classes! June 16, 2010

SEARCH WEST MICHIGAN HOMES FOR SALE – Grand Rapids, MI Real Estate Statistics

Within the past month, real estate professionals within the greater Grand Rapids, MI area have  had the opportunity to learn about Social Media Marketing through a unique program designed by the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors.

Social Media Boot Camp, a three part program,  kicked off on May 12th with  an excellent presentation by Jeff Turner of Zeek Interactive on Social Media and Social Values.  This was followed by a ReBar Camp, the first of it’s kind for real estate professionals in the area on the 26th of May.  The last installment in the series will take place on the 16th of June at the association headquarters on 660 Kenmoor.

The training session will feature Lola Audu of  Audu Real Estate & Blogging Seminars.   Lola will be teaching about Blogging and Ethics.  Read excerpts from the association website below:

Get some Con Ed under your belt from one of GRAR’s top experts in the field with our third and final installment of Social Media Summer Camp!

Lola Audu - Continuing Education Instructor - Blogging and Social Media

Lola Audu, a renown blogger in the real estate world, will lead this 4-hour/4-credit course on Blogging Basics & Blogging Ethics for Real Estate Professionals at GRAR. Learn how to blog and market your skills in a Web 2.0 World and effectively engage today’s “connected” consumer, all while writing responsibly, protecting your online content and avoiding legal landmines.

Wednesday, June 16, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Good for 4 standard Con Ed credits

GRAR Members $50 (Click here to register)
Non-Members $65 (Click here to register)

Relationships Matter…Connectivity via the Blogosphere

Less than Six Degrees of Separation




















They say that we are all separated by just six degrees from every single person in the entire world.  This theory about the Human Web is a powerful reminder of the fact that we’re all connected…and that connections and relationships matter!

A couple of months ago, I was in Ann Arbor, MI to teach a series of two Real Estate Continuing Education Classes, Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals (K1061) and Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals K(1062).

Prior to my experiences on the blogosphere, I would have walked into a room of complete strangers.  But, the blogosphere has a way of making strangers into friends.

Karen Moorhead was the first person I met, or should I say hugged. I had never met Karen or Marian Gregor who introduced herself next, but meeting both of these ladies felt like greeting a friend.

When Missy Caulk walked in, it was great to see her again after our first meeting in Grand Rapids last year. There were several agents from Missy’s Keller Williams office and I had the opportunity to meet Chet Hill, the Broker and office manager.

One of the benefits of having fellow bloggers in the class was in the way in which their presence expanded the discussion.  Missy, Karen & Marian were generous in sharing their insights with the class in a way in which really enriched the experience for everyone. 

This is one of the most impressive contributions of the blogosphere to our profession; the sharing of ideas and the power of the synergy which this generates. 

The picture above illustrates in a way, one of the ways this has impacted my learning curve.  Everyone in the flower circle is a person who I’ve talked with because of my blogging…an individual who I might never have met or learned from apart from this remarkable medium.

I’d have missed getting to know Jeff & Racquel Turner who are extraordinary people in so many ways, nor would I have known about Real Estate Shows, a service which has generated thousands of hits to my listings and website.  

Talking with Jeff Dowler and the subsequent introduction to Amber Riviere would never have happened.  Jeff Dowler is also a trainer at heart and Amber, an innovative writer and entrepreneur.  And then last but, not least…I wouldn’t have been embraced by a warm circle while visiting another city for a presentation.

 This experience has given me the privilege of a less than six degree connection through which I’ve talked with or met the Broker & the Lovely Wife from Florida, Midori Miller my friend and fellow trainer, Sally Cheesman in Hawaii, Jesse Clinton in Alaska, Colleen Kulikowski in upstate New York, Sara Bonert andCraig Schiller in Chicago, Lydia & Matt Heaton from Washington, Maureen Francis, Kris Wales, Russ Ravery, Sonya Loose & Gary Smith from Michigan, Carol Smith in Ohio or Steve Volkers and Michelle Gordon in Grand Rapids, MI amongst others. 

Has your world been shrinking since you started blogging?  Mine has…and I think that’s a wonderful thing!

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Why Blogging is Like a Peanut Butter Sandwich…& More Reasons to Get Some Education!


bite-of-sandwichcp0116You are welcome to attend Lola Audu’s course on Blogging Ethics & Social Media for Business Professionals!  Lola is a Michigan Continuing Instructor and has attended the Bill Gove Training Institute for Keynote Speakers.

This will be a great learning experience for those who want to enhance their business model through the use of blogging & social technology. Social technology is here to stay and now is the time to get ahead of the curve.  

Lola will demonstrate how social media can play a significant role in growing your business by taking it to the next highest level online.You will also enjoy Lola’s expressive style and humor as she shares real life experiences in the world of social media and ideas to help you grow your business.  Please see the instructions below on how to register for this awesome class!

You can resigister by going to and click on the “Education” link. This will take you to your registration options. You can also register online or print out a download-able form and fax it over to AUDU Real Estate @ 616.791.0535. First come first serve as spaces are limited.  *Please NOTE:  The SAME 2 classes are offered on 2 different days!  April 16th is almost Full.  Reservations still available for April 17th, 2009.

Please confirm your registration by 5pm on Tuesday, April 14th

Date, Time, & Place:

Friday, April 17th 2009


Country Inn & Suites~East

3251 Deposit DR NE 

Grand Rapids, MI 49546


The cost is $50 for 2 courses. $65 for walk-in. You can pay in advance via credit card or check. You can also pay by cash,credit, or check at the door, however you must still confirm your registration by submitting your registration form by the April 14th deadline.

Important Note: It is recommended to bring a laptop if you have one. Wireless access will be provided. If you do not have a laptop, you may follow along with the instructor.

Blogging Ethics for Real Estate Professionals ~ Continuing Education ~ 2 Credits ~ K1062  Sponsor Code K355

Social Media for Real Estate Professionals ~ Workshop ~ Not Continuing Ed

Please email Takara Taylor at  for questions or concerns or call 616.541.2312.

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Why Real Estate Blogging is Like A Peanut Butter Sandwich…


Snacks & Beverages will be provided! Course Agenda is listed here! This workshop is not limited to Real Estate Professionals. This course is considered to be a viable resource for many other professions.

Two NEW Blogging Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Approved in Michigan!

Audu Real EstateEXCITING NEWS!

The State of Michigan has recently approved TWO NEW COURSES ON BLOGGING & WEB 2.0 TECHNOLOGY for Continuing Education Credit for Real Estate Professionals!  These ground-breaking courses are designed to give real estate professionals the vital information they will need to participate responsibly in a Web 2.0 Connected environment.

Technology has transformed many essential elements of the real estate process.  Today, new and experienced agents find that they need to understand the dyanmics of the online community or risk being marginalized.  This coursework will not only provide a comprehensive overview of Web 2.0 in today’s marketplace but will also touch on important topics that have significant legal implications for professionals who engage in online transactions.

DATES:  MAY 21 & MAY 28, 2008

TIME:   8:00 A.M. ~ 12:30 A.M.  Registration begins at 7:30 A.M. & Class will commence promptly at 8:00 A.M.

PLACE:  Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR)  660 Kenmoore SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546

Course Codes:  K355-1061 Blogging Basics For Real Estate Professionals

Course Codes:  K355-1062  Blogging Ethics For Real Estate Professionals

Sponsor ID#:  K355

*PLEASE NOTE: to obtain State Continuing Education credit, participants must attend the entire session. Students arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of the class will not receive credit. A 15 minute make-up session will be available at the end of the second class.  Please be sure to bring your Driver’s license and State ID/Pocket Card for Identification.  Registration is not confirmed until payment is received.  Please e-mail or call 616-791-0511 with any questions.

Topics that will be covered include:

*Blogging & Marketing Your Skills in A Web 2.0 Connected World

*Connecting with the Online Consumer

*Keeping Your Blog out of Legal Trouble

*Protecting your Content

*Ethical Issues including Fair Housing & Discrimination

Light Refreshments will be Served

Both Courses are approved for 2 hours each of Continuing Education Credit for a total of 4 hours!

Registration is required.  Walk-Ins will be seated as space permits.  Don’t miss this Great Opportunity to learn more about how to move your business Forward with technology through this Practical Continuing Education Course Offerings!

Click the link To Download a Printer Friendly Version of the Registration form.  Make sure you check the HTML printer friendly option.