Two NEW Blogging Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Approved in Michigan!

Audu Real EstateEXCITING NEWS!

The State of Michigan has recently approved TWO NEW COURSES ON BLOGGING & WEB 2.0 TECHNOLOGY for Continuing Education Credit for Real Estate Professionals!  These ground-breaking courses are designed to give real estate professionals the vital information they will need to participate responsibly in a Web 2.0 Connected environment.

Technology has transformed many essential elements of the real estate process.  Today, new and experienced agents find that they need to understand the dyanmics of the online community or risk being marginalized.  This coursework will not only provide a comprehensive overview of Web 2.0 in today’s marketplace but will also touch on important topics that have significant legal implications for professionals who engage in online transactions.

DATES:  MAY 21 & MAY 28, 2008

TIME:   8:00 A.M. ~ 12:30 A.M.  Registration begins at 7:30 A.M. & Class will commence promptly at 8:00 A.M.

PLACE:  Grand Rapids Association of Realtors (GRAR)  660 Kenmoore SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546

Course Codes:  K355-1061 Blogging Basics For Real Estate Professionals

Course Codes:  K355-1062  Blogging Ethics For Real Estate Professionals

Sponsor ID#:  K355

*PLEASE NOTE: to obtain State Continuing Education credit, participants must attend the entire session. Students arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of the class will not receive credit. A 15 minute make-up session will be available at the end of the second class.  Please be sure to bring your Driver’s license and State ID/Pocket Card for Identification.  Registration is not confirmed until payment is received.  Please e-mail or call 616-791-0511 with any questions.

Topics that will be covered include:

*Blogging & Marketing Your Skills in A Web 2.0 Connected World

*Connecting with the Online Consumer

*Keeping Your Blog out of Legal Trouble

*Protecting your Content

*Ethical Issues including Fair Housing & Discrimination

Light Refreshments will be Served

Both Courses are approved for 2 hours each of Continuing Education Credit for a total of 4 hours!

Registration is required.  Walk-Ins will be seated as space permits.  Don’t miss this Great Opportunity to learn more about how to move your business Forward with technology through this Practical Continuing Education Course Offerings!

Click the link To Download a Printer Friendly Version of the Registration form.  Make sure you check the HTML printer friendly option.

Musings on Mastery…

Majestic Morning“Mastery requires the Need to be Present.  The Need to Win Drains You of All Power.” by Eckhart Tolle

I hear these words while listening to a conversation between Oprah Winfrey & Eckhart Tolle on the web about his new book “A New Earth.” I think that the tension between those two statements is an ongoing life challenge.  To Master anything takes hard work… a lot of hard work.  Yet, the drive to do so must come from a place which is beyond the lower level machination of competitive energy if it is to accomplish true Mastery.  A difficult balancing act indeed.  

One of the most profound aspects of work for me has been the ongoing cultivation of my craft to share insights with others through various dimensions of teaching which include my blogging. When this activity comes from the ‘zone,” it is truly a gift.  It is effort without extra weight.  No longer is communication about finding the right words, but rather inolves receiving the right words… and being a vessel that can conveys them with integrity. 

Mastery is not a destination per se…it’s the experience of heightened engagement.  It’s not about arriving…it’s about being fully present.  Mastery also absorbs replenishment without the distortion of ego centered behavior.  It sheds the short term unsustainable distraction of event based euphoria and replaces it with the lasting joy of inner satisfaction and contentment…It realises just how poor we have become in misunderstanding the difference.

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Spring out to the Restaurant Bloom…A delightful Experience!

* My visit to Restaurant Bloom was at their initial location on Cherry St.  They have sinced moved)

rose in handWe literally stumbled upon this little restaurant.  We were strolling outside while waiting for our pager to go off for a seat at the Green Well.  As we passed the entrance, we looked up and spotted the moniker…Restaurant Bloom. On the spur of the moment, we decided to try our luck…only to informed that they were Sorry…reservations were needed.

As we contemplated our feelings about that, the door opened and a couple stepped out.  They came directly over to us and said…”You must come back!  We discovered this restaurant just over a week ago and we’ve been back 3 times.”  They literally waxed rhapsodical over the service and the food.

A couple of weeks later, we were back and it was not a disappointment.  Now, this place is small…the loving creation of 3 culinary arts students who do everything themselves…or so it seemed.  Our waiter was the wife of one of the chefs.  The service was attentive and personal.

The Restaurant Bloom caters to the best of what the local Grand Rapids area has to offer.  The food was delicious.  I had a pork dish which I have never had before or since.  It was cooked to succulent perfection and accompanied by a delightful blend of root veggies. 

The food offerings are unique blend of items.  Be forewarned that although you may not remember the name of all the items on your plate, your tummy will thank you for the delicous taste!

This is a restaurant that I would definitely recommend.  It’s not going to be your cheapest meal but you will find the food creatively inventive and well worth making a reservation for!  This quote from their website says it all:

Restaurant bloom is a casual restaurant serving lunch and dinner. we love food, and we love making it interesting… our goal is to create an experience of sights, aromas, tastes, and textures for you, our guest.

New Location:  40 Monroe Center, Grand Rapids, MI  49503  Phone:  616-632-2233

Check out these pictures of their menu offerings which change seasonally.  Restaurant Bloom is a Local First restaurant…which means that as much as feasible, your food comes from nearby.

Meijer Gardens hosts the Secchia Garden Lecture

flowerWith Spring just itching to bust loose in Grand Rapids, serious and amateur gardeners in Grand Rapids, Michigan will appreciate the opportunity to learn the secrets of gardening for a well known author and garden designer, Rob Proctor when he is the Featured Speaker at the Secchia Garden Lecture.

The event will be held at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park on April 15, 2008 at 7:00.  Admission is FREE to members and non-members or FREE to non-members with paid admission the the Meijer Gardens.  Proctor has written 15 books on gardening, including his latest entitled: “Gardening on a Shoestring.”

He will be sharing ways to save money by starting plants from seeds or seedlings and giving tips on how to store less hardy plants in harsh winter conditions.  Rob Proctor is known for his ability to create masterpiece gardens which delight you with their artistry and inspired arrangements. You may also enjoy this recent article by Rob Proctor about selecting the right containers for your potted plants.

April Showers bring May Flowers…or so the saying goes.  Don’t miss this opportunity to lean how to make your yard “come alive” in a delightful way this spring and summer.

To RSVP call 616-975-3144 or e-mail

A Monday in the Life of a Grand Rapids Real Estate Lady…

Audu Real EstateMondays are always busy.  Even if I don’t have scheduled appointment, Mondays always fill up with activity.  It’s as though the weekend holds it’s breath and then lets it out with a rush on Mondays…as if to say, golly you’re back…now, get to work!

Today was no exception.  Our office meeting is always a great time of learning, inspiration and challenge.  So what was on the docket today.  Well, for starters we welcomed a new agent to our team.  Lorrae Danzing joins the Audu Real Estate team and brings a great business background to our practise.

Discussion topic for inspiration was “As iron sharpens iron…so one man sharpens another.”  A lively conversation about what really makes us better….hard stuff takes on new meaning in that context.  Then we read portions of the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield, a fascinating book we are studying. 

Next, we finally completed an indepth study of the Realtors Code of Ethics.  We’ve been having an engaging discussion on the Code of Ethics for several months.  It has changed our appreciation of our profession in a good way.

Lastly, we did training for mini-seminars for the Straight Talk Neighborhood Series that will be available for Grand Rapids residents shortly.  A wonderful program to allow questions about real estate to be answered in an informal setting without pressure.

Then, the next couple of hours were spent running errands and lunch and then back to the office to catch up with phone calls and e-mails.  And…the day is not yet done.  Then there’s blogging for real estate blog posts and a guest writer contribution for the Mothers Fighting For Others Blog.

Lastly, at 9:00…I’m listening to a fascinating class online by Oprah & Elkhart Tolle.

There it is…A Monday in the Life of a Grand Rapids Real Estate Lady…