About My Grand Rapids Real Estate Musings…

Grand Rapids Real Estate Musings

Lola inforum professional 2Welcome to Grand Rapids Real Estate Musings.  This blog will discuss real estate related happenings, listings for sale, information to assist home buyers and marketing ideas for the real estate industry.

In addition, Lola Audu, Associate Broker & Owner of Audu Real Estate will share timely thoughts and inspirational applications from her unique perspective

There’s a lot going on in real estate these days, and Grand Rapids, Mi is no exception.  As a local Real Estate Broker who has lived in the community for over 25 years,  I’ve witnessed a lot of changes.

I vividly remember my first trip downtown in the early 1980’s.  Grand Rapids, Mi had a downtown that looked almost deserted.  Today, the area bristles with sass!  New museums, hotels, high rise condos, office buildings, hospitals, restaurants and storefronts light up the landscape.  Downtown Grand Rapids is once again a destination for business, pleasure and an interesting place to live!

Grand Rapids, Mi combines the best of mid-west values and small town living with the amenities of a large city.  I’ve found it to be a place which is small enough to remain intimate…but large enough to get occasionally lost in! (which I’m apt to do from time to time)

Audu Real Estate is a Real Estate Company dedicated to utilizing technology and advanced real estate training to faciliate the real estate process.  The Brokerage is licensed to practise real estate in the State of Michigan.

A little more about Lola Audu on a personal front;

Inforum 3It is sometimes said that “luck is where opportunity meets preparation.” Well, sometimes the mode and method of preparation is unorthodox.

Unorthodox is a descriptive which fits my career in the real estate industry. As a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a double major in Dietetics and Food Management, I embarked on a career which I thought would have me working in the food science or dietetics arena.

After becoming a mom, I knew that parenting was my highest priority and resigned to stay home and homeschool my children. It was during this time that opportunity came ‘knocking’ with a chance to start my own home based business selling home accessories.

This was perfect! It enabled me to work from home, raise my young kids and visit other people in their homes twice a week and sell beautiful things. I could never have imagined at the time that it would open much wider doors…

It was during one of these sessions that several individuals remarked about how much they enjoyed my services and that it would be nice to buy a home from someone like me!

That got me to thinking…I had been selling folks the stuff in their home, why couldn’t I sell them the home! There was another altruistic reason too…I’d had a life long dream to send my mom to college; I could envision this career paving the way.

That was 18 years ago! Seems like just yesterday. Partly because I’ve learned so much and mostly because I’ve had the honor of working with and for so many wonderful people. Over the years I’ve assisted over 500 individuals and families during the process of an important transition.

I started my own company just about ten years ago after having worked for over a decade with Five Star Real Estate, a local independent company in Grand Rapids, MI.

At Audu Real Estate, we’re passionate about providing superior service. So much so, that each transaction receives a grade and a gift. The gift says Thank You for choosing us and the grade is a way of letting us know how well we exceeded your expectations.

We’re a ‘learning company.’ What that means is that we are continually engaged in becoming better professionals to serve our clients. Using the cutting edge technology of Web 2.0, blogging, video and other tools has enabled us to expand the influence of our networks on behalf of our clients. We’d love to talk with you about how we can use the wisdom of our experience to be of service to you.

Lola Audu, CRS, GRI e-Pro
Audu Real Estate ~ Broker
616-791-0511 ~ direct number

Audu Real Estate

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The information contained in the articles on this, blog is the property of Audu Real Estate. Comments posted in response to individual blog posts are the opinions of the respondents. Audu Real Estate is not responsible for the opinions, thoughts or ideas expressed by visitors to this blog nor for any liability for any damages or losses direct or indirect that may result from the use or reliance on information contained herein.  The information provided is deemed reliable but  not guaranteed.  This blog is provided for informational purposes only. Readers are advisedto contact a real estate professional for specific counsel related to their individual real estate needs.


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