6471 Avalon Dr. SE, Caledonia MI…Avalon Pointe Estates ~ Better than New!

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6471 Avalon Dr. SE  Caledonia MI 49316

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 6471 Avalon Dr. SE, Caledonia MI 49316

 The home is located in Avalon Pointe Estates, a brand new subdivision which offers convenient access to the expressway, schools, hospitals and shopping centers.

Brand new landscaping provides eye catching curb appeal. Spacious with (over 2500 sq ft) and potential for 3500 + additional living area in the basement, the open floor plan opens up to an unusually spacious living and dining room great room style combo. An adjacent office or parlor area offers more flexibility in this well thought out floor plan.  The living room has a gas fireplace and the wall mount for a plasma TV is included.

Enjoy a kitchen with cherry stained cabinets and stainless steel appliances included in the purchase price. Upstairs, the bedrooms are large and the master bedroom has enough room for a lounge space plus it features it’s own walk-in closet with organizer and full bath.

Avalon Pointe homeowners also enjoy the enhancement of access to an association pool and club house amenities. The association fee is $280 per year.

This home is an excellent value!  To arrange a preview for 6471 Avalon Dr. SE, Caledonia MI 49316, please contact Audu Real Estate @ info@auduhomes. or call 616-791-0511.

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Real Estate Distress Sales ~Are There Signs of Level Off in the Grand Rapids, MI Short Sale Market?

Market TemperatureIt’s been almost 2 years since the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors began keeping close tabs on the upswing in the sale records for foreclosures and short sales.

Back in  July of 2007, real estate agents were becoming increasingly nervous about short sale and foreclosure sales which were absorbing about 25% of all sales and almost 18% of the dollar volume.  For a market which had NEVER seen those numbers however over 5%, this was a disturbing trend.

Few could have imagined what the numbers would climb to 18 months later when short sales and foreclosures for the month of January 2009 were just below 70% (68.60%) and accounted for 2 out of every 3  sales!

Since that dramatic peak, there seems to have been a levelling off.   From a slight decrease to 67.75 in February, the numbers have continued to drop.  The past several months, the percentage of homes sold in the Grand Rapids, Mi area which have been designated as short sale or foreclosurse has hovered around the 50% mark.

BUT, more importantly, the dollar percentage of these types of sales has dropped dramatically.  Distress sales now account for approximately 40-35% of the total sales volume.  In addition, we are witnessing substantial increases in total homes sold from the same period of time 12 months ago.

For instance, in June of 2009 a total of 624 homes sold versus 452 in June of 2008.  One of the most dramatic rises occurred in March of 2009 when there were 700 homes sold…almost DOUBLE  the number of homes sold in March of 2008 (436 homes sold in 3/2008).

All these signs are welcome in a market which has witnessed a period of time in which 10 homes a day are being foreclosed in Kent County according to a recent report studying these trends.

While we may not be totally out of the woods yet, I am thankful to see this shift continue. I will continue to keep you updated.  Visit my blog for regular updates on the Grand Rapids, MI real estate housing market situation.

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6 Tips to Speed Up Your Grand Rapids, MI Short Sale…

Short Sales are a misnomer…

For one thing, they are rarely ever short!  Having processed short sales for over 3 years, I have found that there are a few steps which can make a lengthy process a little less cumbersome.

Here they are:

1.  Have your documents in order

Expect to have your financial records examined by your lender and investor.  This will be used to determine if you qualify for a short sale.  In addition to bank statements and pay-stubs, you may be required to provide details of other financial transactions and investments.

2.  List your home to sell…not to give away.

Remember, the bank is already taking a loss.  If you list your home in a way that suggests that you are simply trying to unload it BELOW market value, it’s likely that your offers will not find good reception and the lender might wait for more serious prospects to come forward…thereby lengthening your ordeal.

3.  Keep a Positive Attitude…Be Realistic

This is not going to be easy.  Making yourself and family members miserable throughout the process will not change that.  This is a difficult situation with a house…hopefully you can find other things to be thankful for such as good health, a job and your family & friends.

4.  Obtain the Assistance of Competent Professionals

This is not the time to have someone practise their ‘first short sale’ with you!  Short Sales are complex negotations and take a lot of coordination and persistence.  Align yourself with a real estate agent who has completed this type of transaction successfully over the course of time.  You may contact us @ info@auduhomes.com for a confidential inquiry about how we handle the short sale process.

5.  Keep your home in good condition…

A Short Sale is still a sale.  In this market, you will have a lot of competition.  Nothing can be negotiated until you receive an offer.  So, keep your house in a condition which will make it attractive to potential buyers.  Respond promptly to inquires about showing your home.

6.  Tell the Truth!

It is critically important that you be honest.  Extensive investigation will be done anyway…  If it is discovered that you are hiding assets or not being entirely truthful, your approval may not be forthcoming.

Paying attention to these six simple tips will go a long way towards making a difficult process a little easier.