T’was the day before Christmas…

894870_10152485469733642_788643754_oIt’s Christmas eve.  One thing is clear…we are definitely having a very white Christmas in Grand Rapids, MI.  It’s beautiful to look at.  The pristine snow is unsullied and sparkles in the sunlight.  Very nice, in my opinion if you’re inside!

My doorbell has already rung once this morning with a Fedex delivery man dropping off a package.  As I watch him trudge back to his truck, I am reminded of the fact that so many folks are working today, some in very challenging and difficult environments to make a Merry Christmas a reality for others.

I think of our military service personnel, many of whom are separated from family and friends in service to our country.  The stores will be jam packed today as last minute shoppers spend some credit before the stroke of midnight and increasingly in many locales even on Christmas day.  Images of the frenzied shopping that took place on Thanksgiving day when some stores decided to open ‘early’ come to mind.  It makes me shudder…and that’s not because I’m cold.

I’m also reflecting on the irony of the situation with the compromised credit cards at Target which has caused a major bank to drastically curtail the spending of many in an effort to protect the consumer.  Perhaps, this is a wake-up call to all of us to think about what this should really be all about.  Yes, presents are nice…I like them too.  But, when the busyness of this season causes us to become so frazzled that we loose sight of what’s really important, it may be time to do a little cutting back of our own so we can have space in our hearts and lives to live in the true spirit of the Christmas day.

Hoping that you experience the blessing of Christmas and the joy that is celebrated in the birth of the Savior in new and meaningful ways this year.