In Celebration of Pure Passion ~ Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Is the inspiration behind genius.


Is  purity which Loves for it’s own sake

Passion harbors gritty endurance 

That withstands the gale of withering opposition 

Passion is a nectar…

Which provides sustaining grace in the face of extreme odds. 

Passion is the gift of insight which perceives a reality obscured to the casual observer. 

Passion plays center stage in it’s own  drama 

And dances to the beat of an unknown drummer

Passion manufactures it’s own joy…

And nourishes it’s own truth

Passion understands it’s own unique sorrows

And endures to reap it’s own peculiar Reward.

Copyright Lola Audu.  All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Mike Licht on flickr  Creative Commons license.

Focus…Life Lessons

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Focus.
  And the way our focus impacts our lives.  Focus is a magnifier.  It enlarges whatever it is directed towards.  Focus also is an attractor.  It brings to us whatever we pay attention to.

Focus is not just a mental activity.  It incorporates just about every dimension of our being.  And, it’s not optional.  We are all focusing on something.  It’s just a matter of WHERE we are choosing to place our focus at any given time and to what extent.  Even folks who have a hard time at focusing are actually doing so.  The difference is that they are simply jumping more rapidly from one thing; in other words a type of mis-directed focus.

Concentrated focus is incredibly powerful.  When we concentrate our attention on anything, we have the capacity to tap into an enormous reservoir of energy and opportunity. Over the years, I’ve talked with many real estate agents.  I’ve also had the opportunity to coach and train agents.  One of the most interesting elements of training has been exploring where agents place their focus during the work day and how this correlates to the results they’re achieving.

I was somewhat shocked to find that the average agent was spending less than 3 hours in any given day on real estate related activities which actually produced an income.  Yes, they may have been at a desk and even in front of a computer.  But what were they focused on?  More often than not, the focus was NOT on the things that generate income for agents such as: Prospecting, Lead Generation, Follow-up, Listing Appointments and Buyer Appointments.  It does not require genius to understand that three hours or less on any work related activity is not likely to bring in an living wage. Unfortunately, the advent of many online activities has made the issue of a lack of focus even more acute.

Focusing requires the discipline to take a step back and in some cases to step away from other activities.  It is about prioritizing and re-evaluating the direction in which you need to go.  Focus allows you to concentrate on things which need to be changed and to address issues which require urgent attention.

Lastly, focus requires balance.  Anything taken to an extreme is not advantageous.  In the past, I’ve focused so much concentration on my business that sometimes placed other important areas of my life on a back burner.

Balanced focus means that taking care of business does not come at the expense of family life, spiritual life, emotional health, financial well-being or spiritual vitality.  For it is in balance that focus brings it’s greatest gift.  Living a focused life means that we are fully present in whatever we do and when that’s over…we simply let go and leave the past alone.