Is Your Home All Dressed Up without a Date? 3 Easy Steps to Increase Your Chances of a Sale!

She’s as pretty as she can possibly be.   She’s been shined to ‘squeaky clean’…every square inch has been dusted, scrubbed and waxed.

Primping and stylin’ has brought in the latest accessories; new plumped up throw pillows, flowers on the table, colorful throw rugs on the floors and perhaps a few pictures.

All the clutter is gone – banished to storage sheds or the basement.  She’s ready for the show, except for one problem…her date is taking awhile to appear.  NO ONE IS CALLING TO SCHEDULE A HOME SHOWING PRE-VIEW!

If you’ve ever sold a home or are trying to sell a home, you might relate to the description above.   In the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, there are thousands of homes on the market right now.   Last year over 29,000 homes went on the market throughout the year with an average number of just under 10,000 homes on the market at any given time.   The total number of homes SOLD was 11,033 in 2009 which accounted for under 1,000 homes SOLD per month on average.

SO…there were a lot of homes which got all ‘prettied’ up with nowhere to go.   While these numbers may seem a little daunting at first glance, there are some things you can do to increase the probability of being on the list when home buyers pre-view homes.  Here they are:

1.  Price to Surprise!

Today’s market has really taken a hit on home prices.  In the greater Grand Rapids, MI area some communities have seen average home prices decline 24-40 percent within the last 3 years.  Those who are serious about selling a home today need to understand the importance of pricing to sell. The good news is that this is something ENTIRELY within your control.  YOU set the price!  Your real estate can  offer intelligent counsel.  Choose an experienced agent and listen to their advise. Take your time to review the comparables and understand your competition.  And then…price your home to beat the competition.  This includes…

2.  Stage to succeed!

Staging your home to sell is not optional if you want a home buyer’s visit to your home to linger in memory even after they’ve left your residence.  Setting the stage for a successful sale involves not just cleaning the home and clearing out the clutter but also determining WHERE the sale is likely to take place in your home and setting the stage to make that happen.  A properly staged home leads the buyer to a buying conclusion when the setting is arranged correctly.  From the moment a prospective client steps onto a property,  an artful seduction can lead to a mutually satisfying conclusion as they come to the realization that this home really should belong to them!

3.  Be Ready for the Party!

When your home becomes available to the buying public, make sure you’re ready to respond to prospective buyers even if this is at short notice.  I advice clients to clean and clear away all clutter in a big way at the beginning and then keep things that way.  To aid in this process, we suggest that our clients obtain a few boxes for the main areas of the home such as the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms.  This  allows everyday items to be discretely stored out of site when showings take place.   Then, these items can then be easily accessed once the showing is over.  This exercise will also help you to determine what you really need on a day to day basis.  It’s often a lot less than you think!

Paying heed to these 3 simple issues will greatly increase your chance of being picked when prospective buyers go out to check out the latest inventory.

Grandville, MI New Listing…Vintage Character & Style ~ 3136 Locke Ave SW, Grandville, MI 49418

This vintage ranch style home reveals a surprising amount of finished living space (almost 2000 sq. ft).  The living room features large picture windows and a number of notable built-ins which include a china cabinet buffet and a custom cubbyhole for a TV or entertainment center.

You’ll appreciate the main floor utility, mud room and 1/2 bath which are attached to the garage. The garage also has it’s own separate furnace. Three good sized rooms and an additional bathroom round out the upstairs area.

The lower level has been completely remodeled in the last several years. A large family room serves as the central point from which the lower level bathroom and bath and large pantry & cellar can be accessed. In addition, there’s a private reading nook/study/den to retreat to.

*Please note, the backyard actually extends around the neighboring home and includes 2 exterior buildings: a traditional shed and a larger unit with an attached carport ~ so there’s covered parking for a least 3 vehicles PLUS tons of storage.

Click on the picture to take a peek inside!

Real Estate Show - Presenting 313 Locke Ave SW Grandville MI 49418