FAQ Series: How many REALTOR Interviews Should I have BEFORE Selecting An Agent?

Question:  How Many REALTORS should I interview BEFORE I make a Selection? Answer:  Well, we’d like to suggest that might be the wrong approach to the Question.  A better question might be:  What should I be asking, considering or thinking about when selecting the right REALTOR for me? Selecting the right REALTOR is more nuanced than […]

FAQ Series: What’s the Difference between a Pre-qualification and a Pre-approval for a Mortage?

Question: What’s the Difference between a Pre-qualification and a Pre-approval for a Mortgage? Answer:  Unfortunately, there is no absolute definition for the terms of Pre-qualification or Pre-approval.  The definition depends on the Lender who is issuing the terms/letter under which they are willing to loan money.  When purchasing a home or evaluating a potential buyer for the […]

FAQ: When is the best time to put my home on the market for sale?

Question:  When is the best time to put my home on the market? Answer:  I’m sure you think you know the answer to this.  It’s SPRING time of course!  Everyone knows that you put your home on the market in spring because that’s when everyone else puts their home up for sale. It is true […]

FAQ: Why does it take so long to Close on a Home after I buy it?

Question:  Why does it take so long to Close on a home after I buy it? Answer:  You’ve finally come to terms after a grueling negotiation.  You may have had to battle other parties in order to buy the home of your dreams.  And now that you know it’s yours, you’re ready to move on and […]

FAQ Series: Is it really necessary to hire an Inspector to inspect the home I want to buy?

Question:  Is it really necessary to Hire an Inspector to inspect the home I want to buy? Answer:  Short answer is YES!  Long answer is as follows: Purchasing a home is the largest financial investment that most Americans will every make.  That fact alone should give us pause about moving forward without due diligence.  Most […]

FAQ Series: Why do I see a home on Zillow and call to be told it is Sold?

Question:  Who do I see a home advertised on Zillow or… ( insert any online real estate portal apart from the local MLS) and call to find it is Sold? Answer:  Real estate listings usually originate from a contract between the owner (Seller) and the real estate broker (represented by an agent/salesperson).  When a home […]

FAQ about the 2009 Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension

This morning, my inbox has received several notifications about the formal extension of the Homebuyer Tax Credit which will provide financial assistance to many New Home Buyers and Existing Homeowners who are considering the purchase of their next home.  Later in the day, a conversation with a client underscored our need to make sure that as real estate professionals, […]

What to do when your home closing is delayed

What to do when your home closing is delayed

This is an UPDATE to a previous FAQ post. As the year 2016 reaches the half way point, another issue is emerging as a challenge for homeowners and home-buyers coordinating move out/in dates.  After many years of closings being largely an efficient process (especially when experienced REALTORS and Lenders worked together), the implications of the […]

Gripe Alert! MY REALTOR Didn’t Even Find my House and so…

You can fill in the blank with any one of a number of statements and even gripes.  In today’s fast paced, information doused climate, the reality is that for many would be home buyers, the REALTOR may NOT be the one who locates your home for sale online or even in real life.  And, if […]

Avoid these 7 Costly Mistakes West Michigan Homeowners Make When Selling their Homes!

When it comes to selling a home, many have difficulty letting go of the emotional attachment. As a result, this may overshadow our ability to make critical decisions regarding what needs to be done to sell a home successfully. A home, like a well-loved, but worn out T-shirt can become an item which is so familiar […]