Smart Homes for Thoughtful People ~ Featuring Heartland Builders

Heartland Builders Grand Rapids MIFor the past few days, we’ve been hearing birds singing in the morning.  They can’t be wrong about Spring can they?  It must be around the corner even though these mountains of snow seem to be taking forever to melt!  Another ritual of Spring for the real estate community is the prospect of building a new home.  Over the past year as inventory levels for existing housing has remained consistently low, more people are looking into the possibility of designing and building their own home.

Today, Cheryl Johnston- Audu Real Estate New Home Specialist and I had the pleasure of meeting with Rich Kogelschatz, the Owner and Principle Builder of Heartland Builders LLC.  Heartland Builders was established in the mid 1980’s and has specialized in some unique ways.  One of which is Universal Design,  which acknowledges that for many people some form of physical limitation will touch our lives through someone we know or in a personal way.  As we mature, the prospect of accessibility and barrier free living are conversations which may become necessary for a variety of reasons.  Heartland Builders believes that our homes should age as gracefully as we do and implements this thought into the design and building process.

According to Rich, ‘thoughtful people’ want to build with confidence.  We loved the unique APP designed to manage the building and communication process from start to finish.  Unexpected surprises are minimized when you can ‘tap’ into your building process for a seamless update on what is going on.  Heartland Builders also has a very detailed process map which highlights the entire construction process including client/contractor meetings and inspections from start to Closing.

One of the most daunting aspects of building a brand new home from scratch is figuring out what product selections look best and fit within your budget.  Heartland Builders provides interior design services and computerized modeling to help you select your product and even see how changes to the architectural design will look before you make a final decision.

We both learned a lot from talking to Rich and were impressed with the attention to detail and the processes Heartland Builders has put into place to create a great client experience!

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One thought on “Smart Homes for Thoughtful People ~ Featuring Heartland Builders

  1. Lola, I enjoyed meeting with you and Cheryl. I appreciate your professionalism. I also always look forward to our mutual efforts as board members of Home Repair Services. Another great organization!

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