How to Quickly Find Grand Rapids MI Price Reduced Homes for Sale!

1-Price Reduced dollar days house huntingOne of the best kept secrets in real estate is the ability to get ‘instant’ notification when homes for sale around Grand Rapids MI have a price reduction.  Obtaining real time updates on homes that you have your eye on can save you thousands of dollars!  Price reductions for homes can occur for a number of reasons, including but not limited to…

1.  Increased urgency to sell the home due to changing circumstances

2.  The threat of default on mortgage note

3.  Over-pricing – reduction to bring the home price into conformity with current market conditions

4.  Feedback from agent showings about the fact that a home is over-priced

When a price reduction for a home for sale in Grand Rapids, Mi occurs, it is important to act quickly if this is a home you have some interest in.  When a price reduction occurs for a home, it increases the likelihood that the home will sell.  Home sale price reductions occur everyday!   In fact, 19 homes in the greater Grand Rapids MI area had a price reduction within the past 24 hours.  Of these homes, two were priced above $500,000 and eight were priced below $100,000.  The point being, home price reductions occur in EVERY price range, so being an informed buyer can sometimes make you a lucky buyer!

If you’d like to be e-mailed a list of homes which fit your particular criteria on a daily basis AND be notified when a home selling in the Grand Rapids MI area has a price reduction, contact us or call:  616-791-0511.  There is no obligation for this service.  You will not be contacted unless you specifically request additional assistance or help.  Enjoy the ability to keep informed and updated right from the comfort and privacy of your own home computer.  Contact us for a FREE list of homes reduced for sale today!

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