On Life…

Over the past few days, I’ve had a few thought provoking conversations with colleagues.    The tumult that engulfed the real estate industry has had a profound impact in the lives of many of us…personally and professionally.  Everyone handles crisis in different ways.  And this was most clearly demonstrated by two conversations in two days.

As we exchange minor pleasantries during my first conversation, my colleague asked me how I was faring.  That’s a question fraught with a certain amount of angst for many in the real estate community due to the realities of distress sales and the frustration of dealing with increased levels of stress and incompetence.  I remarked that I was hoping that if I treated ‘Life’ kindly, she would respond in kind.  My colleague remarked on the fact that the advice he gave was, ‘treat ‘Life’ harshly and she will treat you kindly.  Very different philosophies…

The second conversation was with a colleague who I knew to have taken ‘Life’ by the bull horns.  A spirited soul who always sparked response and even sometimes a little controversy mixed in.  We hadn’t talked in awhile and I was glad to catch up.  As we talked, it became clear that this individual has gone through the crisis in a different way.  Gone is the anxious spirit and intense drive.  It has been replaced by a graciousness that allows life and its circumstances to move through without disrupting the internal peace.  The drive to succeed has been replaced with compassion and a desire to care for the family.  Definitely has me re-thinking

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