The 3 P’s of Priorities, Perseverance and Patience

Over 17 years ago, I obtained my real estate Salesperson‘s license. So much has changed! I can still remember buying my first laptop computer. Back in those days, I couldn’t access the Internet and the dial up connection to the real estate MLS system was at best a hit or miss proposition when I connected via a land line. The leading real estate companies all advertised in the paper. Hardly anyone had a website. No one had heard about a blog.

But in spite of the dramatic shifts in the business, I think there are are things that will not change regardless of how drastically technological advancements redefine the real estate business.

Proper Priorities…

Knowing what your priorities should be is the biggest single factor which determines success or failure for many agents. There are only a few things that actually make money for a successful agent. These are: listing or selling a home, prospecting for new business, following up on leads and asking for the appointments necessary build relationships and build our business. Everything else that we do, including attending closings, is a result of the above activities. When we loose sight of this and spend little time on these basic activities, our business is bound to suffer.


Persevering involves keeping on, in spite of, not because of. The old saying ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ is true. Many agents give up far too quickly. This is where it can be helpful to talk to other successful people or read their books. One will quickly discover that everyone has struggled in one fashion or another. It’s a fact of life. Persevering is a pre-requisite for success because it proves that you are willing to do what it takes to get the prize…your goal of a successful career.


Patience develops character. I’m often amused to hear the term ‘overnight’ success. To the individual who supposedly achieves this feat, it most often feels like a very long, long, night! We tend to refer to the achievement as an overnight success because we are unfamiliar with the journey that enabled someone to gain the status that they now enjoy. Upon closer examination, it is often revealed to have been a far longer more involved process than a cursory glance would suggest.

A wise man was once quoted as noting that ‘there is nothing new under the sun.’ Knowing HOW to do something is as important as having a clear understanding of WHAT one should actually be doing. Success follows from following through and being consistent in the effort required to achieve true competence.

So, regardless of how quickly technology shifts our business, the solid foundations of a business built on Right Priorities, Perseverance and Patience are the tools that a determined professional will need to cultivate in order to thrive and succeed

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