Art Van Furniture Home Rewards Program Provides Benefits for Michigan Home Buyers!

Traditionally, when many folks in West Michigan think about furniture, it’s likely that one of places that they will be visiting in the search for the perfect dinette, bedroom set or sofa is an Art Van Store.  This is because, Art Van, a Michigan based company head quartered in Warren, MI has 34 store locations throughout the state and employs approximately 2,500 associates.

Last month, I had the opportunity to visit the Art Van corporate headquarters as a part of a task force for the Michigan Association of REALTORS®.  While there, we toured the store and met members of the executive team and marketing staff.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss a brand new initiative being launched in 2012 between Art Van and the Michigan Association of REALTORS®. The new program is the Home Rewards Program.

An integral aspect of the program is a gift of $150 towards home purchases through Art Van for any individual who uses a REALTOR® to purchase a home.  With home sales once again beginning to climb, in West Michigan, this is a wonderful way to help individuals and families who are moving to purchase additional items of decor for their new living spaces.  The offer is not just limited to furniture, but includes assistance with custom decor and design, flooring and even office furniture.

Art Van has dedicated sales specialists in each of its stores to provide premium service and additional information for customers who qualify for this program.  During our tour, I also learned that in addition to the traditional furniture retail items and accessories, Art Van’s specialists are available to  host special fund raising events for local charities right within the store.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with REALTORS® from different parts of the State and the Art Van Marketing Team who were extremely responsive to our thoughts and suggestions. Towards the end of our meeting, we were pleasantly surprised by a brief visit from Mr. Art Van himself (Mr Art Van Eslander)…the Founder and Chairman of the company. This program is open to ANYONE who has bought a home recently with a REALTOR in the State of Michigan.  I’m looking forward to contacting our clients and letting them know about this new benefit!

Click this link to learn more about the history of Art Van, a Michigan Based Company.

Click here to learn more about the Home Rewards Program

Click this link to learn more about the Michigan Association of REALTORS®

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