In Celebration of Pure Passion ~ Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Is the inspiration behind genius.


Is  purity which Loves for it’s own sake

Passion harbors gritty endurance 

That withstands the gale of withering opposition 

Passion is a nectar…

Which provides sustaining grace in the face of extreme odds. 

Passion is the gift of insight which perceives a reality obscured to the casual observer. 

Passion plays center stage in it’s own  drama 

And dances to the beat of an unknown drummer

Passion manufactures it’s own joy…

And nourishes it’s own truth

Passion understands it’s own unique sorrows

And endures to reap it’s own peculiar Reward.

Copyright Lola Audu.  All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Mike Licht on flickr  Creative Commons license.

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