Emerging West Michigan Talent ~ Lindsay Hoekstra, Interior Decorator and Stylist

Take virtual tour of projects by Lindsay Hoekstra Interior DesignThey say ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’.  And if that’s true, then Lindsay Hoekstra’s passion for design and home decor has a way of transforming the unremarkable into stylish items of art.  She has the ability to look way beyond what would be obvious to the casual observer, finding the hidden gem in a discarded piece of furniture or envisioning how a dramatic play of colors can radically transform the appeal of a living space.

And that’s exactly what happens when Linsday works with design…space begins to live again.  I discovered this talent first hand while helping Lindsay and her husband locate a home.  We visited many lovely homes.   But, it was a visit to a rambling, cottage style home set high atop a hill which captured her vivid imagination.  The home had an eclectic combination of colors and was in need of some repair.  While many home buyers may have been intimidated, her eyes sparkled with possibility.

Several months later, I stopped by to see what she had done with the living space.  Seriously…I was transfixed at the entrance.  The transformation was so complete.  It felt as though I had stepped into the pages of a magazine!  The home had old plaster walls.  These had been restored and now featured rich earthtones.  The decor throughout was artistic and elegant without being stuffy.  The space now invited you to relax, converse and enjoy!

Lindsay who is a  graduate of North Park University has also had fine art training  from Grand Valley University’s School of Art.  This brings an added perspective to her interior design and staging.  I would highly recommend Lindsay Hoekstra for design/staging services. Lindsay can be contacted for initial consultations or more advanced projects.  Please click here or on the picture above to take a tour featuring some of her previous projects.

Visit Lindsay Hoekstra’s website.

Watch a Virtual Show of Lindsay Hoekstra Design Projects

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