When you don’t Want to Cook…Try Marie Catrib’s Deli Take-Out!

Readers of my blogs, know that one of my favorite restaurants in Grand Rapids, Mi is Marie Catrib’s .  While I enjoy dining in and enjoying the atmosphere and diversity which make the location an engaging and friendly place, I’ve also visited their deli on more than one occassion in which I didn’t want to cook or simply had a yearning for some freshly baked bread or desserts.

In fact, just about anything that is on the menu can be ordered for take-out.  But, if you don’t want to call ahead or wait, the deli is usually chock full of delectables.

Recently, I’ve tried the mini savory pies which are offered in the deli section.  The first one I took home was a Salmon Potato mini pie.  The combination of salmon with herbed mashed potatoes was very tasty.  The deli also features a variety of fresh salads, bread, pita chips and desserts.  I love the fact that Marie strives to use the freshest ingredients possible and her creations often feature local, organically grown produce.


1001 Lake Drive Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-1536
(616) 454-4020

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