Enjoying a Feast of Gratitude…Happy Thanksgiving!

If the line at the grocery store is any indicator, a lot of folks are going to be cooking up a storm this Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it is about sharing gratitude and love.  It’s also a time when one has permission to eat to your heart’s content.  If you’re like me, all that cooking has a way of making you tired.  Not just sleepy tired, but tired of cooking.

Well,  I found this picture in my files from a Sunday Brunch that we enjoyed at a fabulous local restaurant, Restaurant Bloom.  The Quiche reminded me of pumpkin pie…and the fact that many local Grand Rapids restaurants are happy to take over the cooking when one runs out of steam.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Enjoying a Feast of Gratitude…Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Your picture of the pie is making my mouth water. Is Restaurant Bloom downtown?

    When my children ask me what holiday is my favorite, I always say Thanksgiving because it’s a pure holiday where we enjoy just being together with family.

    Happy Thanksgiving! See you on Twitter.

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