Grand Rapids Parade of Homes 2009 Marks 50 in Green!

Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan...view across the Grand River

Downtown Grand Rapids Michigan...view across the Grand River

There are a number of metrics which one can use to get a handle on the current housing market in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  However, the one which captures my attention as we head into what is traditionally the busiest season in real estate is the Spring Parade of Homes. Here’s what I wrote about the tour last year...

 It’s a spring time ritual in Grand Rapids, Mi.  For residents like myself and many others who love to peek into gorgeous homes and pick up the latest tips for home decor and furnishings, the Spring Parade of Homes Tour is an event which is highly anticipated.

However, this year, the Parade of Homes will feature a tour with significantly fewer offerings than in recent years.  In 2006, there were 200 homes featured in the Parade of Homes, last year (2007) the number was 133.  This year, 83 homes will make their debuts in the Parade…far fewer entries than just 24 months ago. (click here to continue reading)

This year, the Parade of homes will feature less than 1/2 of the homes entered in the 2008 year.  The 2009 Parade debuts with 42 homes as it marks 50 years.  A search for the nucleus of this story traces back to the number of building permits issued in Kent County in 2009.  A number which has been declining for the past several consecutive months to just 25 for the entire county in March of 2009; down from 61 in the same month of the previous year 2008 according to data obtained from the Grand Rapids Association of Realtors®.  

For the first quarter of the year, permits are being issued at about 1/2 the rate of last year 2008…which was already a less than stellar year for new home construction.

But, West Michigan has always been a resilient community which prizes innovation and creativity.  This year, the Parade of Homes will feature six Green Homes, a Brand New offering.  Not only will the public be able to view quality built, affordable, environmentally sustainable home construction, there will be classes available for those who would like to learn more.

Last year, I visited a green built home in my neighborhood.  I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the builder and learned a lot about how smart investments can save a future homeowner money and increase the enjoyment and comfort of the residence.  If you’d like to tour a Parade home, look for the signs which mark each home or visit this site for additional tour information including scheduling for the Green Homes which are open on Thursdays.


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