You’re Invited…New Grand Rapids Michigan Home Buyer Network Launched!

Grand Rapids Homebuyers on NING

These last 60 days have been amazing!  There’s a movement buzz amongst brokers and agents who are thrilled with the momentum taking place below the surface…

The surface of the real estate market in Grand Rapids, MI that is!  With all the news of doom and gloom, those of us who are actually working to help people have been noticing some strange things happening since the early part of the year.  Houses which are priced right are not only selling…they’re getting multiple offers!  We recently heard about one home that had 12 buyers in waiting!

Our phones are ringing…spring fever is definitely here!  To help harried buyers who are busy with trying to live their lives as well as buy homes, I’ve launched the Homebuyer Network, your smart link to home buying in Grand Rapids, MI.

 This specialized network will be a great place to find tips about home buying in Grand Rapids (also includes much of the West Michigan area) and to search for homes.  You can also invite your friends and network about homes you’ve viewed and share your own experiences.

You’re invited to be our guest…  Grand Rapids Homebuyers on NING

Let us know what you think, including what you’d like to see added.

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