The Genesis of Change…

The winter of our discontent...

The winter of our discontent...

I’m wondering if we have ever really captured the beginning of when things begin to change? 

Are we truly aware of the moment when momentum shifts?  I think we often think we have, but on reflection, I doubt we ever really do.

This is because, the Genesis of change is the essential core element of the process of evolution.  It’s always happening and often occurs in minutely disparate fashion that lacks cohesion or coherence. 

How often have we been surprised by an outcome which was a polar opposite than our expectation?  Was this not precisely because we failed to truly comprehend when change happened and to understand the variety of influences which were at work ‘under cover’. 

Change is a far larger dynamic than what we often perceive when we begin to discern the final result.

I’m thinking…

Right now, we’re focused on the resultant chaos of change as our nation reels from the economic impact of the housing crisis and various domestic and international crises.  But, this didn’t happen in a vacuum?  When did we begin to change?

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