6 Reasons Why Smart Folks are Moving to Grand Rapids, MI!

Concert Goers heading up Cannonsburg Ski Hill for Picnic Pops!

Concert Goers heading up Cannonsburg Ski Hill for Picnic Pops!


We’re in the lounge of a downtown hotel to meet with a client who is considering a relocation to the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.


He makes us burst into laughter when he says,

I didn’t wake up one morning and say…you know what, I just have to move to Grand Rapids, Michigan!”

I understand. Because, I didn’t wake up with that thought either more than two decades ago when we moved here.  But, Grand Rapids is a city which you grow to love.  And there are a lot of reasons why the sentiment that questions a move to Grand Rapids, MI is changing in the minds of folks across the country.

Here are some of them…

If you’ve travelled into Grand Rapids, MI recently, you can’t miss the signs of progress. Huge cranes greet you on touch down at the tarmac. The Grand Rapids Airport is undergoing some major construction which will provide additional ramp parking and a snazzy new entrance. But the signs of construction don’t stop there.

A recent visit from another traveller noted that the amount of construction going on around Grand Rapids and especially the downtown area was noteworthy and reminded him of what you might expect in a much larger metropolis.

Some other reasons you should consider when thinking of relocating to Grand Rapids, Michigan:

1.  You like summer…

When summer comes to Grand Rapids, people here head out to the numerous beaches, lakes & resorts to have fun!  Winter makes you gain a true appreciation for summer.  It sometimes longer than the natives of the area would like, but it can be beautiful to look at…from the inside. 🙂

2.  You like a good deal! 

Grand Rapids, MI is noted as one of the best values for your real estate dollar in the Midwest.  Housing is affordable and community life is vibrant.  Then there’s a great selection…think over 11,000 homes to choose from. What’s not to like.

3.  You enjoy good food! 

Grand Rapids has a great selection or restaurants.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, I’ve featured some of them under this tag.

4.  You like going to church! 

If this statement revs up your engines, Grand Rapids, MI has more churches per capita than just about any other city in the United States.  It’s also a major Christian book publishers hub with names like Zondervan &  Baker amongst others.

5.  You hate traffic!

  OK…one disclaimer here.  In Michigan, we have two seasons:  Construction & Non Construction season( aka winter)  In Grand Rapids, during the summer, the road crews are busy repairing the damage done by the continual battle of thawing, snowing and icing which winter brings to the area. 

But…even with all of that, traffic is really quite manageable in a city of this size.  Most workarounds will get you to destinations within the city within 15-40 minutes.

6.  You yearn for service with a smile!

When I visit some parts of the country, I’m struck by the difference in attitude towards service.  I find myself smiling at clerks to encourage them to have a better attitude & maybe a better day!  In Grand Rapids, MI…people serve you with a smile.  Clerks ask you how you are when they ring up your purchase. 

How Audu Real Estate Serves…

At Audu Real Estate,  exceptional service is so important to us, that we ask our clients for a GRADE after each transaction and then Thank them with a gift certificate.  Your opinion matters here in Grand Rapids, MI.  We  consider it a privilege to serve!

If you’re considering a move to Grand Rapids, MI…give us a call at 616-791-0511.  We’re Neighborhood experts and would be happy to send you a free Relocation package about the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Click Here to see what is offered in the Free Relocation Package and to order your customized reports.

To browse for homes in the Greater Grand Rapids, MI metropolis, check out this website.

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