How Understanding Your Seasonal Cycle Can Unleash Your Personal Potential

Cloud picture by Auduhomes

Cloud picture by Auduhomes

Cycles of change are a normal part of life.  Day transitions into night, summer transitions into fall and eventually winters’ cold spell breaks up to reveal the freshness of spring.  While we accept these cycles as normal in nature, we sometimes ignore the fact that cycles are evident in all aspects of life. 

As I look out my window and observe the snow cover, it’s hard to imagine that underneath that frigid white blanket there is active life.  But there is.  It will not be evident for several months, but eventually, the ground will reveal what has been buried for it’s own protection.

We can learn a lot from the way in which the earth adjust to its’ different cycles.  The seasons merge gently into one another; each one revealing its’ own unique qualities.  In fact, it’s more than a little odd when winter tries to make an early appearance in fall or out stays its’ welcome into spring.  When this happens, it’s almost as though the earth is a little out of sorts with itself.

I have become more aware of the fact that in some ways, our personal and professional cycles operate in way similar to the seasons of life. There are periods when things seem dormant and almost at a standstill. On a personal basis, this may manifest as a period of limited energy or a more introspective period. It is not unusual for many people to misunderstand this and to become depressed or listless instead of allowing the natural rhythmic cycle to operate so they can revitalize.  This is nature’s way of restoring and replenishing for periods of heightened activity. 

As we begin to pay attention to these cycles, we will discover that they are remarkably consistent personally and professionally. When I started my real estate career almost thirteen years ago, I fretted when I was not busy.  I didn’t understand that there is a natural cycle and rythm for everything. I didn’t see that less busy times were opportunities to invest time in my own education or to improve my systems so I could serve my clients more effectively. Nor did I know how to discover the optimum cycle was for my personal or professional life.  Consequently, I was prone to becoming overwhelmed because I  was afraid to relax.

Well, over the years, I’ve learned that learning to relax is as important as working hard.  Balance is the key to a successful life.  I’ve also learned to explore my seasonal work cycle.  For me, it is important to have one day a week which I do absolutely nothing which is related to real estate including blogging. I also plan regular periods for study and professional growth.  If you take the time to learn your personal seasonal cycle which determines  how you function best, you will be better able to plan for vacation, rest and relaxation.  The pay-off will be better health, more efficiency and as a result more enjoyment of your time and money.

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6 thoughts on “How Understanding Your Seasonal Cycle Can Unleash Your Personal Potential

  1. Candace, Thank you for your comment. I think that Passion provides the fuel for life’s purpose. But it is balance which allows us to flourish without being consumed by a premature flame outs. JMHO

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