Beyond the Open Door…a 9-11 Remembrance

"Beyond the Open Door"

An open door speaks of an invitation to enter, an opportunity to explore.

The expectancy of discovery always carries a risk that the adventure may entail more

than we bargained for.

A shut door on the other hand speaks of barred access, denied entry, and limited opportunity.

It may also provide a shield of safety against dangers yet unseen.

Often both options present a dilemma of sorts.

Walking through the access and possible opportunity of the Open Door,

Or being denied welcome and access in the unyielding nature of the Closed Door

May prove to be more than anticipated.

The journey over the threshold can make retreat difficult or impossible.

In the ancient text of Revelation, a message from Christ to the early Christian Community in the city of Philadelphia speaks of a door which "no man can shut…for thou hast a little strength and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name". Revelation 3:8.

The events of September 11, the day of 9-1-1 opened a doorway in our hearts.

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard the horrific events begin to unfold.

So do you.

It seemed as though that week lasted an eternity, a bizarre pause in a lifestyle stuck on


The wounds struck at the heart of a nation totally unprepared for the horror and evil that unraveled itself within the framework of our "normal routine".

One Doorway Opened…And Another Door Shut.

Nothing will ever be quite the same as it was before America stepped into the threshold of September 11.

And perhaps nothing should be.

In an instant, the doorway of eternity was opened for thousands of unsuspecting individuals,

And we were all reminded that the grace of life is not guaranteed, even through one more day.

A door of Compassion also opened that day.

As one after another selflessly gave hope, help and some ultimately their lives…

And a Door Also Slammed Shut!

The people of New York shut the Door of Cynicism with a sound as loud as a clap of thunder,

A sound so loud, the entire world paused to look, listen, weep and then

Began to regain hope,

As bravery and courage rose and walked the streets of the devastated city.

For in the midst of the torment and despair, the Door of Love Opened to reveal a force that cannot Fail

From the piles of ashes and debris, smoke and torment,

A cry of prayer ascended from our nation and unity and heroism emerged resplendent and undamaged by the ruins.

This is a door that no man can shut.

I have an anticipation and expectation that these trials and emergent challenges will strengthen weak knees.

My hope arises not merely on the basis of optimism, but on the sure knowledge that God is not willing that anyone should perish.

For whatever is purified through fire has only two options, either to burn to ashes or be refined.

Although her ruins continue to smolder, America did not burn on 9-1-1.

We are in the process of being refined

Copyright 2001 Audu Real Estate All Rights Reserved

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