How To Sell Your Grand Rapids, MI Home in 31 Days…Lessons From a Rookie!

I’ve been around the block a time or two.  With over 13 years in the business, I’ve seen some of the best years for the real estate industry.  These were times in which homes sold simply because a sign was placed in the yard and financing options were plentiful even for the minimally qualified.

This post is the story of what a Rookie taught me and a message to all the ‘old timers’ out there who say it can’t be done.  It can.  And it’s not just about beginners luck. 

When Lorrae Danzig took on the assignment for the sale of this Wyoming house, she knew it would be a challenge.  The home had been listed several times and the owners were tough investors who had war room stories that made you cringe during the re-telling. 

They wanted results.  Period.  Well…let’s rephrase that…they wanted good results.  They’d already had one agent tell them that although the home showed beautifully, they ought to cut their losses and run.

So, with their backs against the wall and everyone telling them NOT to trust a Rookie, they were understandably a little nervous about this meeting. 

Well, let’s cut to the chase and look critically at just WHAT Lorrae did to earn their trust, market their home and sell it successfully at a price that was over $11,000 MORE than what Mr. Experienced Agent said they could get for it.


Lorrae addressed the experience issue head on by letting her clients know that she wasn’t winging their transaction. Lorrae is enrolled in the Mentor Training Program at Audu Real Estate which meant that the entire transaction would be intimately supervised by a Broker including the critical task of researching the neighborhood and price.


Careful attention was put into finding out what pricing the area could support.  This included doing a comprehensive mapping profile, neighborhood analysis and traditional Comparative Market Analysis.  This data was sifted through to account for the impact of Foreclosures and the more insidious, but equally price deflating Short Sales and determining what impact they were having on the current market.


Top Quality marketing was initiated immediately.  This included several quality photos online, listing the property on multiple websites, designing an informational flyer, creating a visually appealing Real Estate Show, sending out information about the home to interested parties, Open Houses and blogging about the home.  The investor had been in the business for 20 years and his words were…”I’ve never seen anything like this.(referencing the Real Estate Show)  Keep doing what you’re doing!”


This was critical.  Every single lead was tracked.  Agent feedback was transmitted regularly to the owner.  The hit volume online was carefully monitored.  When agents called about other properties in the area, this home was also brought to their attention.  With over 13,000 homes online, it’s easy not to see everything worth pre-viewing.  Lorrae made sure her listing was not overlooked


When it comes to closing a real estate transaction, sometimes the most dangerous distance is between the final signatures and the closing. This deal was not short on unexpected twists and turns.  Lorrae ensured that the ball didn’t unwind into an unruly tangle by keeping abreast of the situation. 


She documented calls to the lender, the other agent, the title company, the appraiser and surveyor to make sure that everyone was on the same page.  More than once, this prevented delays or worse…derailing of the transaction.  When a curve ball was thrown 15 minutes before closing with an indication that there was a shortage of funds from the buyer, Lorrae kept things on track by remaining calm and communicating with all parties until the transaction closed 24 hours later.


As I look back at this list, I see a strong focus on the Fundamentals of Real Estate.  It’s very easy to become disheartened at the negative news about the real estate industry.  It’s also easy to become distracted and spend time doing all sorts of things which will never sell a home.  The basic principles of selling a home remain the same even though the tools we use may change.  It’s about making sure you focus on the basics of Communication, Research, Marketing, Prospecting, Follow-Through and Follow-Up. Sometimes, you can learn a lot from a Rookie…

Click here to read more about Lorrae Danzig..

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