You Just Never Know Who’s Reading…

I’ve been blogging for since November of 2006.  My initial blog on Real Town Blog has expanded and my blogging efforts have grown to include:

Grand Rapids Real Estate Musings…the blog you’re cureently reading.

Active Rain Blog…Real Estate blog

Localism Blog….Local/Grand Rapids MI focus

Facebook…Social Networking which also uploads my blog feeds

Twitter…micro blogging in 140 characters or less

LinkedIn…Largest Network of Professionals in the world

Flickr…Photo Blogging


A snapshot of this past week reveals why the Internet continues to be such a powerful platform.  There were:

2  new website inquires for real estate services,

1 listing appointment who wanted information about our method of home marketing 

3 professional contacts exploring future business opportunities, 

8 new contacts from individuals I had lost touch with on Facebook,

3 comments from visitors to Flickr and a discussion about a local condo project  

1 Neighbor in my community who spoke to me about reading and enjoying my blog.

3 comments about a Brand New Listing w/in the first hour of posting it.

On a combined basis, the totals for the visits to the sites have been extraordinary.  The Active Rain Blog has logged over 1 Million hits since I started blogging there and many leads.  The visibility for listings has risen significantly and we now place Google This Listing Signs on all our listings.

I’ve learned to be more effective with my communication tools.  I’ve used my blog posts for Marketing pieces and to respond to inquires on specific topics.  I’ve found that different readers prefer different sites, so cross posting similar material reaches different audiences.  I’ve also learned about the power of images.   A picture is really worth a 1,000 Words!

This year, I’ll be speaking to real estate agent outside the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan area to share some courses that I wrote about Blogging and Ethics.  These courses have been approved by the State of Michigan to train agents on using new technology.  (Blogging Basics for Real Estate Professionals K1061 & Blogging Ethics for Real Estate Professionals K1062, Sponsor Code K355 both approved for a total of 4 hours of Continuing Education Credit)

Today, our listings are exported through sophisticated virtual tours across the world.  Home buyers and Home Sellers have an extensive array of articles online to assist them in understanding the market and preparing their homes for sale.

All, this would not have occured without our exposure to the world of online marketing, blogging and social networking.  During a period of time when many agents have gone for 6 months without closing one single transaction, we remain grateful to God for His guidance and wisdom and look forward to continuing to serve our clients with the most innovative tools available to our profession.

One thought on “You Just Never Know Who’s Reading…

  1. You are absolutely right. It still amazes me how many people will find you on the net and never say anything. I got a free lunch at one of the local places the other day as the manager wanted to thank me for the info I put on the site. He treated me like a star. You never know how many people tell others.

    You always have that hidden factor. See ya!

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