Grand Rapids, Michigan…Your “Nextville” for a Fulfilling Retirement!

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I recently picked up a book by media guru and real estate broker Barbara Corcoran entitled “Nextville”  subtitle…Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life.

The book focuses on the important considerations in determining how to live your life with freedom, passion and opportunity to expand your horizons.  Issues which are emerging collective themes for the ‘New Retiree.’ Corcoran mentions an interesting survey she conducted of visitors to the popular real estate portal

In the survey, baby boomers were asked what their top priorities were in searching for an ideal retirement spot.  They listed the following as highly desirable options:

  • Safety
  • Affordable Housing
  • Good Weather
  • Nice Scenery
  • Friendly People
  • Good Health Care
  • A Nearby Airport

Grand Rapids, Michigan offers many of the attractive amenities on this list for folks looking for a great retirement spot.  As Florida and other western states struggle with a number of social and climate induced challenges, cities like Grand Rapids, Michigan are ideally positioned to be considered as alternate destinations for today’s maturing baby boomers.  Let’s look at the items on the list individually…


Here are some safety statistics on the Grand Rapids, Michigan area and nearby surrounding communities.

Crime statistics for Grand Rapids, Michigan

Crime Statistics for Grandville, Michigan…neighboring suburb south of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Crime Statistics for Walker, Michigan…neighboring suburb west of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Crime Statistics for Kentood, Michigan…neighboring suburb east of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Crime Statistics for Wyoming, Michigan…neighboring suburb southwest of Grand Rapids, Michigan


Grand Rapids was recently highlighted on an NBC News Feature as one of the most Affordable Places to live in the United States.  In addition, Grand Rapids has been cited  by Money Magazine as a one of the cities in which prices are expected to increase significantly within the next decade.


Yes, I know we’re in the Midwest, so winter can be an issue to some.  But on the flip side, Grand Rapids, Michigan is within driving distance to some great skiing and snowmobiling… and spring, summer and fall are just gorgeous. In fact…so nice that you’ll forget that winter was so miserably cold!


There’s a lot to do around Grand Rapids.  The area has a great selection of restaurants, hotels, shopping venues, Museums, outdoor attractions and much more.  Click here to read more about things to do in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan.  In addition here’s a list of some options for the 40+ crowd.


Grand Rapids is a family oriented community.  This sometimes makes it more difficult for newcomers to connect and feel a part of the mix.  A number of initiatives are underway at various levels within the city to make Grand Rapids, Michigan a more welcoming community.

These include surprisingly frank and refreshingly honest discussions on Radio in Black & White which bills itself as ‘the most integrated hour’ in Grand Rapids.  The weekly program hosted by Emmy award winning journalist Rick Wilson and Diversity Management Specialist Skot Welch provide thoughtful analysis and provactive discussions about diversity on the local and national scene.


US News & World Report in 2008 listed Spectrum Health as one of the nation’s BEST hospitals in the ear, nose and throat category.  This is the fourth time that the hospital has been ranked on the national index.

Metropolitan Hospital just opened the strikingly innovative 170 acre Metro Health Village which includes the hospital and a number of support and retail service on a green campus.

The Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital which is part of Spectrum Health offers cutting edge speciality care in pediatrics.  St. Mary’s Hospital is expanding their facilities and doing innovative work in their holistic approach to healthcare.

The Grand Rapids Medical Milewhich was initiated by the opening of the Van Andel Institute in 1996 now includes hosptials, a medical school and research facilties. These are just a few of the exciting developments taking place in health care and biotechnolgy in Grand Rapids, Michigan today.


The Gerald Ford International Airport is Michigan’s second busiest commercial airport and is the largest regional commercial service airport serving the west Michigan community.

While all of the areas highlighted are important considerations when planning your retirement, finding the right place to expand your passions, desires and dreams is a much more nuanced endeavor.  In future posts we will be covering some of the other reasons why Nextville might be Grand Rapids, Michigan for you!

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