Congratulations! Ed Vogt Successfully Completes New Agent Real Estate Mentor Training Program

Audu Real Estate is pleased to announce that Ed Vogt, a licensed Real Estate Agent and Residential Property Specialist has successfully completed the ‘On Track For Success’ Mentor Training Program

Ed Vogt, Residential Real Estate Specialist Audu Real Estate

Ed Vogt, Residential Real Estate Specialist Audu Real Estate

Ed Vogt graduates from the Mentor Training Program after 2 years of enrollment in which she has successfully participated in over 24 Transactions and received more than 200 hours of Formal Classroom instruction and training.  This was in addition to the mandatory 6 hours of Continuing Education per year for real estate agents required by the State of Michigan.

The Mentor Training Program offered through Audu Real Estate is a unique, one of a kind experience  that  provides real estate agents with intense and in depth real estate training in all areas of the real estate transaction, negotiation, lead management, technology including blogging, short sales and foreclosures and business management. Agents also benefit from Life Management Coaching which is incorporated into various aspects of the training process.

The program was created by Lola Audu, Owner and Broker of Audu Real Estate to deliver a comprehensive well rounded training experience for new agents. It has also assisted long term agents to refine their goals and upgrade their business and professional skills.

Participants in the program receive weekly assignments and have the opportunity to ‘shadow’ an experienced agent in a variety of real life situations.  Agents are also eligible to receive company leads to bolster their entry into the profession while growing their own personal business portfolio.

Audu Real Estate Congratulates Ed Vogt on her significant accomplishments and wishes her all the best as she continues her career as a Full Agent.

 Copyright 2008  Audu Real Estate  All Rights Reserved

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