Beating the Traffic Game…Grand Rapids, MI Road Construction Drive Arounds.

Aaargh…I’m doing it again…driving on autopilot, I forget that the road I’m heading towards was just closed.  There are so many signs and traffic routing barrels all over the place in Grand Rapids, Michigan this summer that driving involves mastering the intricacies of detours.  As more home buyers are looking at listings on-line, the summer now affords marvelous weather to check out some excellent deals in person. So, we’re on the road a lot!

It is sometimes said that there are just TWO Seasons in Michigan…Winter & Construction Season. The winters are harsh here in the Midwest, so it does take it’s toll on roads.  I am grateful that crews work diligently to fix the damage during the summer months even if there is some inconvenience to drivers.  However, with summer gas prices at record highs this summer, driving out of ones way can be expensive. 

That’s why I was delighted to find this map and website address in the local Advance Newspaper magazine of July 8, 2008.  It’s a great resource to have when out looking for homes or even just running errands. This website map by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is really cool.  Check it out for updates on road construction, re-routes, speed limits and even where traffic cameras are mounted.  For those of you speeders on Michigan roads…watch out, you’re being watched!

Now, if they could only post where one can get the cheapest gas…:)

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