Stuff to Do in Grand Rapids, MI on a Friday Night if you’re over 40…

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I’m looking through the list of recently released movies available in the Grand Rapids area tonight and the pickins’ are pretty slim.  Not much worth spending my money or time to go and see.  So, what do you do on a Friday night in Grand Rapids if you’re not a high school or college age student?  It seems that the options for them remain endless.

Well, fortunately, Grand Rapids, Michigan affords all sorts of great things to do…many of which don’t cost a lot of money.

Downtown Mall Walking & Historic Buildings Tour…Monroe Mall offers some interesting eateries.  It’s in the downtown area with some great architecture.  Grand Rapids has a number of beautiful old buildings.  I love architecture.  There are many gorgeous historic homes in the Heritage Hill area which is close to downtown.  The summer gardens are blooming and it’s a pleasure to stroll or ride by through the Hill district at this time of the year. Looking for a classy Asian restaurant with a reasonable price…try  XO on the Monroe mall.

Stroll the Grand…Park your car and stroll the Grand River.  Walk up the side of the Amway Grand Plaza and cross the bridge to the Gerald Ford Museum.  Talking about museums, there are several great ones in Grand Rapids, including the new Art Museum and the Van Andel Museum.

Take A Walk on the Wild Side…Visit the zoo. It’s not expensive and it’s a fun, educational experience.  Just across from the zoo is John Ball Park, a great place to spread out an impromptu picnic by the pond.

Cozy up with a book…Grand Rapids has several bookstores.  My favorites are Schuller Books and Barnes & Nobels.  Both all feature a nice cafe to pick up a quick dinner or dessert AND tons of great books.

Splash in the Lake…while Grand Rapids, Michigan has numerous lakes and ponds…nothing beats the big one…Lake Michigan.  With a 30 minute drive you can be in Grand Haven to stroll along the pier or on the Lake Shore in the Holland area.  Many public access points allow you to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent lake.  If you’re in Grand Haven, there’s nothing like picking up an icecream cone and strolling down the pier…

If you’re thinking about some good or unusual eateries…here are some suggestions…

The Green Well…environmentally focused restaurant in East Hills community.  Great food w/local focus.  Tends to be busy on most weekends.

Chez Bayou…New Cajun restaurant.  Have not been there yet.

Benthams…in Amway Grand Plaza; on the riverfront

Sans Chez…Tapas Restaurant;

Steak Houses…Louis Bentons…Great steak & The Chop House…have not been there, hear it’s good but expensive.

Chinese…XO on the Monroe Mall.


Marcos’ formerly Hud’s Italian Eatry…off Cascade Rd…small, but good food.


Restaurant Bloom…ecclectic and interesting New American cuisine on the Monroe Mall…

Marie Catribe…closes at 8 p.m….great food and prices.





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