What I Know to Be True…

It’s almost 3 years since Audu Real Estate set out an independent shingle. As I was going through an old notebook, I came upon a letter which I had written to people in my circle of friends celebrating the one year company anniversary that had just been completed a few months earlier.

As I re-read this letter, which I had all but forgotten, I was struck by some of the thoughts that I shared. In addition to giving a brief update on the business and my family, here’s an excerpt which I wrote about “What I Know to Be True…”

This I know to be true. There are some significant foundational things in my life which change at great peril. Faith and confidence in God’s goodness and His amazing wisdom and love through Jesus Christ are not negotiable. On the other hand, gathering places in which His love is expressed may be.

This I know to be true. Peace, Wisdom, Love & Courage are really big deals! Their worth in life cannot be quantified. They are faithful companions and incredible teachers. When expressed through the pages of a good book, they are delicious to the soul. When found on the lips of a precious friend or in the kindness of strangers; they carry the very breath of life! I am so grateful to have access to both sources.

This I also know to be true. My career in real in real estate has never been simply about selling homes. The greatest gift has been the lessons learned in life. Working with so many different kinds of people has forced me to more fully know myself.

I have found this to be true. Often difficult circumstances have been resolved only when I have understood that these lessons were primers for my own life. It is then that I was able to see faults within me that needed to be remedied before I was ‘qualified’ to pick out the proverbial ‘lint or speck’ in another’s eye.

It’s a joy to be in service. Thank you for your personal gift of presence in my life. I pray that you would have the wisdom and grace to know what should not change and the courage to embrace fully that which must.

Well, that was written in 2006. And, it still rings true as What I Know to be true.

Copyright 2008 Audu Real Estate All Rights Reserved

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