Jamaican Dave’s…Enjoy A Taste of the Carribean in Grand Rapids, MI!

It’s over 80 degrees in the shade when we pull into the parking lot of Jamaican Dave’s this past weekend.  Inside, it’s not much cooler…but the folks behind the counter are totally cool…they’re chillin’.  And before long so are we!

If you’ve been to the Caribbean Islands or Jamaica, a stop at this restaurant on Wealthy Street will feel like you’re back in the tropics.  The walls are decorated with pictures of the royals (from England) visiting Jamaica, the ginger beer and soft drinks are ice cold and the food is pleasantly spiced. 

We’ve ordered a variety of dishes which have included…their meat pies, the curried chicken, jerk chicken and curried goat with plantain and rice.  All very good.  Jamaican Dave’s also does catering, so if you want to bring a taste of the tropics home to your family and friends, this place can deliver.

1059 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506-1583
Phone: (616) 458-7875

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