Quenching Our Thirst & Healing Our Land…Clean Water Action in Grand Rapids, MI

banks of the grand river in grand rapids, michiganThere are few things more central to human life and existence than the presence of water.  The unique triplicate combination of hydrogen and oxygen is responsible for over 70% of the mass & sinew within the human body.

Human thirst for water is one of our primal urges.  It must be quenched; to ignore it is to negotiate an uneasy truce with a diminishing quality of life. 

The thirst for water is increasingly becoming a political, environmental and socio-economic issue as well.  This evening in Grand Rapids, I attended a fund raiser for the Clean Water Action of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I was introduced to the organization by  the volunteer activities of my son.   

It was an opportunity to meet many new people and to learn about what the Clean Water Action organization is doing to preserve the environment and water rights for the people of Michigan.  I was somewhat ignorant of a number of critical bills that are currently working their way through the Congress which will have a significant impact on how water from the Great Lakes region is used and distributed in the future.

Earlier in the day, I had met with Mary Bigelow, a blogger and mortgage lender on the Active Rain Network to discuss Sustainable Green Built Residential Homes.  Mary is involved with a number of initiatives here in Michigan and in other parts of the nation which are being designed to be healthy for our environment and for the humans beings who live here. 

Clean water, solar energy, formaldehyde free cabinets, fresh air recovery systems and energy efficient appliances were some of the topics we covered in a free ranging engaging discussion. We have several listings in the greater Grand Rapids area for land with acreage.  We are going to be exploring how to promote building homes which are energy effecient and green built  with quality construction.  More details coming on that later… 

At the fundraiser, the work of photographer David Lubbers, a West Michigan native was also featured.  His latest book, ‘The Waters of Michigan,’ with Dave Dempsey, and environmental activist and writer is an exquisite photo montage of water images in Michigan.  Looking at these soulful photographic images, I am reminded that although ‘the earth is the Lords’ and the fullness thereof’ we humans have been given the remarkable responsibility of ensuring it’s well being as well as our own.

One thought on “Quenching Our Thirst & Healing Our Land…Clean Water Action in Grand Rapids, MI

  1. Great post!

    I have a new green construction cleanup and janitorial business in GR, and this blog is just what we needed! A great resource for information on pertinent issues and who’s who in Green Real Estate.

    You are a force to be reckoned with!

    Thanks for this…

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