Musings on Mastery…

Majestic Morning“Mastery requires the Need to be Present.  The Need to Win Drains You of All Power.” by Eckhart Tolle

I hear these words while listening to a conversation between Oprah Winfrey & Eckhart Tolle on the web about his new book “A New Earth.” I think that the tension between those two statements is an ongoing life challenge.  To Master anything takes hard work… a lot of hard work.  Yet, the drive to do so must come from a place which is beyond the lower level machination of competitive energy if it is to accomplish true Mastery.  A difficult balancing act indeed.  

One of the most profound aspects of work for me has been the ongoing cultivation of my craft to share insights with others through various dimensions of teaching which include my blogging. When this activity comes from the ‘zone,” it is truly a gift.  It is effort without extra weight.  No longer is communication about finding the right words, but rather inolves receiving the right words… and being a vessel that can conveys them with integrity. 

Mastery is not a destination per se…it’s the experience of heightened engagement.  It’s not about arriving…it’s about being fully present.  Mastery also absorbs replenishment without the distortion of ego centered behavior.  It sheds the short term unsustainable distraction of event based euphoria and replaces it with the lasting joy of inner satisfaction and contentment…It realises just how poor we have become in misunderstanding the difference.

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