Spring out to the Restaurant Bloom…A delightful Experience!

* My visit to Restaurant Bloom was at their initial location on Cherry St.  They have sinced moved)

rose in handWe literally stumbled upon this little restaurant.  We were strolling outside while waiting for our pager to go off for a seat at the Green Well.  As we passed the entrance, we looked up and spotted the moniker…Restaurant Bloom. On the spur of the moment, we decided to try our luck…only to informed that they were Sorry…reservations were needed.

As we contemplated our feelings about that, the door opened and a couple stepped out.  They came directly over to us and said…”You must come back!  We discovered this restaurant just over a week ago and we’ve been back 3 times.”  They literally waxed rhapsodical over the service and the food.

A couple of weeks later, we were back and it was not a disappointment.  Now, this place is small…the loving creation of 3 culinary arts students who do everything themselves…or so it seemed.  Our waiter was the wife of one of the chefs.  The service was attentive and personal.

The Restaurant Bloom caters to the best of what the local Grand Rapids area has to offer.  The food was delicious.  I had a pork dish which I have never had before or since.  It was cooked to succulent perfection and accompanied by a delightful blend of root veggies. 

The food offerings are unique blend of items.  Be forewarned that although you may not remember the name of all the items on your plate, your tummy will thank you for the delicous taste!

This is a restaurant that I would definitely recommend.  It’s not going to be your cheapest meal but you will find the food creatively inventive and well worth making a reservation for!  This quote from their website says it all:

Restaurant bloom is a casual restaurant serving lunch and dinner. we love food, and we love making it interesting… our goal is to create an experience of sights, aromas, tastes, and textures for you, our guest.

New Location:  40 Monroe Center, Grand Rapids, MI  49503  Phone:  616-632-2233

Check out these pictures of their menu offerings which change seasonally.  Restaurant Bloom is a Local First restaurant…which means that as much as feasible, your food comes from nearby.

One thought on “Spring out to the Restaurant Bloom…A delightful Experience!

  1. I discovered Bloom just before they moved and loved my experience there too. The food not only tasted great, the presentation was beautiful and I felt like I was eating something really healthy.

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