A Monday in the Life of a Grand Rapids Real Estate Lady…

Audu Real EstateMondays are always busy.  Even if I don’t have scheduled appointment, Mondays always fill up with activity.  It’s as though the weekend holds it’s breath and then lets it out with a rush on Mondays…as if to say, golly you’re back…now, get to work!

Today was no exception.  Our office meeting is always a great time of learning, inspiration and challenge.  So what was on the docket today.  Well, for starters we welcomed a new agent to our team.  Lorrae Danzing joins the Audu Real Estate team and brings a great business background to our practise.

Discussion topic for inspiration was “As iron sharpens iron…so one man sharpens another.”  A lively conversation about what really makes us better….hard stuff takes on new meaning in that context.  Then we read portions of the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield, a fascinating book we are studying. 

Next, we finally completed an indepth study of the Realtors Code of Ethics.  We’ve been having an engaging discussion on the Code of Ethics for several months.  It has changed our appreciation of our profession in a good way.

Lastly, we did training for mini-seminars for the Straight Talk Neighborhood Series that will be available for Grand Rapids residents shortly.  A wonderful program to allow questions about real estate to be answered in an informal setting without pressure.

Then, the next couple of hours were spent running errands and lunch and then back to the office to catch up with phone calls and e-mails.  And…the day is not yet done.  Then there’s blogging for real estate blog posts and a guest writer contribution for the Mothers Fighting For Others Blog.

Lastly, at 9:00…I’m listening to a fascinating class online by Oprah & Elkhart Tolle.

There it is…A Monday in the Life of a Grand Rapids Real Estate Lady…

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