Engaged Marketing…Transforming the “Tired” Open House

A different kind of settingI don’t know about you, but most Open Houses that I’ve been to in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area recently are NOT standing room only events!  So, you can imagine my surprise when I drove up to a model home this past week and couldn’t find a place to park.   

The event was organized by Redstone Group, a company which is building several unique communities around the Greater Grand Rapids area.  My agents received an invitation while attending a mortgage seminar and persuaded me to attend.  I’m glad I did.  I always appreciate the opportunity to watch inspired vision in action.

The Redstone Group held a Networking Open House.  Instead of waiting for clients to hopefully find them, this company decided to concentrate it’s focus on connecting with the Networkers…you know the people who know other people; thereby enhancing the chance that they might know someone wanting to purchase a home.

The elegant catered lunch featured a Seasoned Breast of Chicken, Cesar Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Bread and Scrumptious Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The venue was their beautifully staged model home.  Guests were invited to tour the home and given an extensive packet of the various communities and distinctive options available in Redstone Homes. Talk about a cool way to create buzz…

Redstone Group designs Green Built, Energy Star* certified homes that are constructed in a manner that honors the natural habitat and seeks to preserve as much of the native terrain as possible.  They build homes in Grand Haven, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Holland in addition to several communities throughout the Grand Rapids area.

The invitees were an eclectic mix.  The event was billed as a Opportunity to Connect and you were encouraged to bring your business card and mix with other professionals to enhance your business.   I met all sorts of individuals.  Of course there were real estate agents and brokers, but in addition, a Business Network International Group was there which included a wide swath of different companies…there were mortgage brokers, at least one attorney, title reps, and we even met a former Sherrif.  

I’m left wondering why so many Builder Spec Home remain in isolated splendor when they could be teaming with life and opportunities to Create A Sale through events like this?  Redstone Group told us they had their best year ever in 2007.  I can see why! 

photo courtesy of: Wolfgang Staudt’s photostream

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2 thoughts on “Engaged Marketing…Transforming the “Tired” Open House

  1. Sabine, Thanks for your insightful comment. Your insight is very good about how to step “outside the box” regarding our thinking about Open Houses. Your thoughts have got me thinking….I can feel another blog post in the making. 🙂

  2. Lola,

    I completely udnerstand the attraction an open house like that can hold – I’ve attended them before. I also think, that events like that – can be recreated on a smaller scale for individual sellers, vs. Builders.

    Who’s to say you have to have a “broker open house” only…or a “regular” open house. With your Sellers permission – offer this home for a presentation. If the home is in a retirement community – maybe a talk on improving your life during retirement; lots of new homes in the area? Interior Design and Staging or landscaping…The possibilities are endless.

    I think too many agents are too used to the way “things are done” – to think outside the box.

    Good Luck with your future open homes – I’m sure they’ll be a hit!

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