What It Means to Truly Listen…

a flowerThere’s a reason why we have two ears and just one mouth.

A single mouth can easily over-power two perfectly good ears.

It’s always easier to talk than to listen.

To listen we must be quiet…with our mouth

And dull the roar from within the heart.

Listening is hard work…

Voices in the mind shout and clamor for attention.

Listening means that I accept that what you are saying right now is more important than…

What I need to say right now,

What I need to say next and…

What I really wish I could say.

Listening helps me to see with my understanding what I cannot observe with my eyes.

When I listen…I don’t interrupt

When I listen…I seek to understand

When I listen…I relinquish the right to judge

When I listen…I feel what you say even if you can’t express it.

When I listen….I hear

When I listen…I offer you my unique gift.

One thought on “What It Means to Truly Listen…

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