Brrrr…..Winter’s Here With a Vengeance…

winter in grand rapids, michiganI love to look at the cool white stuff while I’m snuggled up within the warmth of my own home.  But driving through it…well, that’s another matter entirely. 

Left for a meeting this afternoon & there was NO SNOW.  Two plus hours later…it’s a totally different story!

I had a couple of inches on the hood of my car and the roads had been transformed into white tarmac with black track marks where the cars had travelled.  Visibility was about 100 yards in some spots.

Traffic on the expressway was FAST when speeds reached 45 mph!  Getting off the highway, it slowed down to between 15-20 mph.  This is one of the those nights where it’s wise to stay put…unless you can’t resist the lure of the ski trail & snowmobile machine. 

Stay safe out there.

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