What It Means To Live Within Peace…

You don’t know you’ve lost Peace until you can’t find it.  Sometimes you don’t know you’ve lost Peace because you’ve never had it. What is means to live within peacePeace is not an absence of challenge or trial.  It is not a promise or guarantee of the avoidance of hardship.  Rather it is the stillness which draws from a deep well spring the knowledge that all that really matters…is well.

Peace is not about being popular or well-liked.  In fact maintaining it will sometimes require doing things which are deemed disagreeable and opposed.  However, Peace cannot be divorced from Truth and the Integrity to live a life which is free of duplicity.

Peace does not guarantee that you will never have aught with your fellow man.  However, it will provide the pre-requisite humility and wisdom to understand how to surrender in love knowing that the personal battles we fight are ultimately temporary in nature. Peace knows that real victory lies in understanding the profound and empowering universal truth of the power of Love. That is eternal.

Peace means you can look your enemy in the eye without malice in your heart because you know that the lessons he was sent to teach could never have been learned without the  pain of the gift of his strike.  Peace allows you to laugh again…It’s not about forgetting about the wound, but being confident that the healing of the scar has made you stronger than you were before.

Peace is being able to leave it alone…lay it down.  It is the strength to walk away and be free from the temptation to look back. Peace is a good night’s sleep & a refreshing wake-up in the morning.

2 thoughts on “What It Means To Live Within Peace…

  1. WOW

    What a beautiful explanation. Peace=Forgiveness, and Forgiveness=Peace. Not one in the same, yet one in the same.
    God Bless You, and thank you for a much needed read.

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