MeMe, Moi, Monday Musings…

What’s a Meme?  Well, it could be described as a game of virtual tag.  This particular Meme assignment was forwarded to my by Linda Scalan who was tagged by Ginger Wilcox on Active Rain. 

Golden OpportunitiesI’ve already done a Meme for Active Rain and wasn’t planning to write another one.  However,  I’ve decided to write this Meme because of the recent launch of my Grand Rapids Real Estate Musings blog.  Since, this is a cross between a blog carnival (where you visit a number of different blogs ) and a traditional meme…perhaps it could be called a “carnimeme.” 

The specific purpose of this Meme is to encourage folks to visit some outstanding bloggers who are on the Active Rain Network and who maintain an additional blog.  As the network prepares to launch private blogs as an upgraded option for the members, this has provided an opportunity to see how different individuals manage more than one blog.

The rules are:  Give 7 interesting details and Tag at least 2 other people. 

So, without further audu…here’s my CarniMeme post!

My Days as “A Star” 

In highschool, I “starred” in a Christmas Special.  It was a one hour program by a British producer which featured a children’s choir and skits.  I sang and narrated.  It was shown on National TV in Nigeria.

 The Best Vacation….

 My most interesting vacation was a trip to West Germany.  We participated in a wedding, a student demonstration, visited a castle, toured a bread museum, drove through the countryside and enjoyed great German cooking.

Education With the “United Nations” or something like that…

I went to an International School.  There were students from over 64 different nations.  Everyone different…and that model of tolerance and acceptance for others has continued to guide and inspire my life.

Political Aspirations… 

  In college at the University of Wisconsin, I ran for public office…and won.  I served a year as a Student Senator and also won a coveted seat on the Student Budget Committee which at the time controlled the 2nd largest student budget in the United States.

 Gourmet Chef…

  I love gourmet cooking…as long as I don’t have to do the clean-up.

Track and Field Whiz Kid… 

In highschool, at one time, I held the school records for the long jump, 100 meters, 200 meters and  had a team record for the 4 X 100 meter race.  I participated in national level competition in highschool during all four years of my highschool education.

Flying Faster than a Speeding Bullet… 

I have actually had the thrill of flying on the Concord…you know, the plane that could fly at mach2 (twice the speed of sound)  It was an extraordinary experience to be flying so high and so fast that you could look out the window and see the curvature of the earth.

Now, this was the hardest part of the assignment…figuring out who else to tag.  It might be helpful to have a group for this in the future.  So here are the individuals I am tagging:

Maureen McCabe for her:

Chris Elizabeth Griffin for her:

Jeff Dowler for his:

Kaye Thomas for her:

Shane Leady for: 

Joeann Fossland for:

Dan Forbes for:

 And…NO, I am not heir to any fortune that I need your assistance in obtaining. 🙂 

Lola Audu is a Real Estate Broker and owner of Audu Real Estate in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Audu Real Estate is a Learning company which is transforming the way real estate is experienced in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

15 thoughts on “MeMe, Moi, Monday Musings…

  1. Hi Maureen, The dietetics/foodservice management program was in the College of Agriculture. Remember Babcock Hall? Took a lot of classes there & always loved the famous Babcock icecream. I was a student senator for the High Tide Party…long defunct.

  2. I can’t believe you are a Badger and I did not know that… nutrition? Dietary …. Gourmet cooking… ah ha! Through which UW college? I remember someone telling me there were nutrtition / dietary / food majors through more than one college at UW. I was in the School of Family Resources and Consumer Sciences (I think the school is on it’s second name change since… that name…) and I know there were majors that had to do with food through that college.

    Being involved in student government at such a huge university is impressive. I voted. 😉

    Your new blog is very nice.

  3. Lola I really like the new blog.. very crisp and clean… 7 things you didn’t know… hmmm I’m not sure I know 7 interesting things about me… I’ll have to think a bit..

  4. How funny – A star on Nigerian tv. I wrote about something similar – only mine wasn’t quite so interesting- I was a “star” on a local Phoenix show. Flying on the Concord – now that does sound exciting!
    Great meme.

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  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this blog. Your comments are really appreciated. Linda…Thank You especially for this tag!

    Looking forward to reading: Jeff, Maureen M. & Chris. 🙂

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