Mothers Fighting For Others….One Woman’s Journey.

Africa on the mapLast year, I was introduced to a blog by an extraordinary woman and mother, Rocky Turner.  Rocky has a passion for children…her own and the children of the world.  She is a fighter…a warring angel who fights for the needs of others.

In her unique way, she affirms what it is to be a human being and to love other people with dignity.  Rocky has a number of projects which she has launched including a trip last year to assist orphaned children in St. Monica’s Orphanage in Kenya and to provide new clean underwear to children who have not been to have this simple nicety.  She is currently working on a project to bring clean water to children as well. 

I am honored to be asked to be a contributor to her blog Mothers Fighting For Others.  I’ve just finished my first post…”Things Fall Apart…and Other Salient Observations.  click here to visit Mothers Fighting For Others. It’s a wonderful collection of observations and insights from women about what it means to support others.  Recommended weekend reading. 🙂

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