Local Flavor…Why Home Cooked is not just About Cookin’

What's Cookin' tonightRecently, my husband & I were talking about what makes home cooked food so special.  So much so, that many family style restaurants actually advertise that their food is “like home cooked.”  Now, I’m talking about good home cooking…as I know some disasters in the kitchen can make even fast food seem like a great dining experience.   

We came to the conclusion that perhaps it’s because the person cooking is doing so with clear & loving intention. A home cooked meal literally erupts with mouth watering flavor when the ingredients used in its’ preparation are locally produced, fresh and lovingly prepared.

When there is a desire to bring wholesome goodness, creativity, & proper nutrition to loved ones & friends…it’s almost as though the food itself responds differently.  I suspect that some of the most imaginative chefs and cooks in well loved restaurants cook with this type of joie de vivre when they create menu items for their guests.

Successful Real Estate Transactions are also impacted by some of these same principles as they also incorporate local flavor & regional distinctions.  

In recent years we have witnessed numerous attempts to make the real estate process a function of simply processing information & disseminating information. It is like taking the burst of flavor out of the transaction by trying to provide a one style fits all method of conducting business.   It is becoming increasingly apparent that far more than information peddling is involved to create a truly successful sale

Simply rolling out an assembly line of pre-packaged entrees in the hope that the consumer’s attention will be grabbed by some canned content written by Mr. Anonymous to Ms. Everyone is boring & easily recognized for what it is…Assembly Line Real Estate…No Real Skills Required!

In the age of Abundance… Differentiation becomes the King!  The rise of Blogging is a direct response to the need by consumers & service providers to handle the underlying need for differentiation.  On-line consumers are indicating:  I don’t just want to know what you know…I want to know why you think it’s important & how your superior level of knowledge & training can be of benefit to me in my particular situation.

When everyone has access to every listing, the value of information alone diminishes. Consumers are finding it more difficult to sift through this deluge of information to synthesize a more elusive, and far more valuable quality called Relevance

 Relevance is what provides meaning to my life & choices.  Relevance is what informs me about the viability of a particular home or neighborhood in relation to my life circumstance.  Relevance is what ensures that the transaction I am entering into does not disintegrate into a nightmare because I had just facts without the benefit of applied wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to translate knowledge into meaning thereby creating Relevance.  Real  estate practitioners who understand that their role is to provide Meaning in the transaction will see their Value Soar. 

Real estate agents who provide Meaning in a context that honors and responds to the expressed desires of their clients with sensitivity & integrity will be continue to be Relevant. Real estate agents who create Relevance within the context of the transaction will find their services to be irreplaceable. 

Like a home cooked goodness which beats a restaurant experience for daily service time after time, these agents will be sought after because what they provide is uncommon service in an increasingly cluttered field of Irrelevant links.  The agents at Audu Real Estate live in the local area and know the community intimately.

This is so unlike the assembly line offerings that bombard potential real estate consumers everyday, but fall short when it comes to Relevance, Relationship & First Hand Community Knowledge.

© 2007 Audu Real Estate  All Rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Local Flavor…Why Home Cooked is not just About Cookin’

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Matt Hanson

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