FREE Straight Talk Real Estate Seminars for Grand Rapids, Mi Neighborhoods

Neighborhood CoffeeIf you’re like most people, you can’t help but wonder what’s going on in the real estate market these days.  With all the talk of Sub-Prime Mortgages tanking  and real estate home prices falling, it can be a little confusing to sort out truth from fiction.

Audu Real Estate is offering a New Service to Home Owners or Groups of interested Real Estate Buyers who would like frank, straight talk about the State of the Market in their Specific Neighborhoods.

You can choose from a variety of topics:

1.  What’s Selling Right Now in My Grand Rapids, Mi Neighborhood?

2.  How Can I Stage My home to Sell Quickly?

3.  What Types of Financing Options Should I consider?

4.  What’s the Foreclosure Situation in my community?

5.  How Can I hold a Safe Open House?

6.  What Should I know about Choosing a Real Estate Agent?

7.  Open House Success Tips

8.  The Pros &  Cons of Discount Brokers

9.  Where’s the Real Estate Market Heading?

If you would like to schedule a FREE Straight Talk Neighborhood Seminar for one or more of these topics, please contact our office at or call 616-791-0511.

The engaging 30 minute presentation will give you insights about real estate that are normally only available to professionals.  In addition you will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

All classes must be registered and booked in advance.  Classes are available between 10:30 ~ 5:30 on most week days.  Call to request information regarding evening and weekend appointments.

In order to schedule a Neighborhood seminar without cost, a minimum of 10 individuals must be present.  Bookings are available on a First come First Served basis and are available to home owners and groups of buyers in the Grand Rapids area and some surrounding communities. 

Copyright 2008  Audu Real Estate  All Rights Reserved

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