How Come No One Came to My Grand Rapids, MI Open House? (Part 5)

buy this homeLetting people know about your Open House is probably the most important goal to accomplish if the event is going to be successful.  Through the Internet, we can now have virtual gatherings in which people come together on line for a specific purpose.  Why not hold a “Virtual Open House?”

Let’s explore how!  Collaborate with your real estate agent to e-mail invitations to your friends and family and invite them to visit your home on-line during the time of your open house.  Invite them to send the link to the tour and the blog about your home to their friends.  Why would they want to do this?  Well, my last point shows how you can make it worth their while…

3.  Hold A Sale!

Instead of an Open House, hold a HOUSE MUST SELL TODAY SALE!  Offer a One Day or One Week Incentive for a Buyer to buy Your Home the day you hold your home open. 

Incentives can be creative.  For instance you can offer to pay 6 months mortgage payments for a buyer who brings in a Full Price Offer the day of the Open House.  For the average home in Grand Rapids, Mi, this is a $3,000 Buyer Incentive. 

This technique has been used by auctioneers for a long time, but it is rarely used in traditional residential real estate.  Today, one can even advertise a listing like this on an auction website online. 

For home owners who are faced with the prospect of reducing their prices tens of thousands of dollars, this is a lot cheaper!  Other more traditional incentives include offering a Bonus to the Buyer’s Agent or advertising that you will pay closing costs and/or pre-paid mortgage costs of a certain amount.

Lastly, keep in contact with those who visit your open house.  At Audu Real Estate, we send Thank You cards to Open House visitors and gift certificates for lunch if they fill out a complete survey and have the winning entry in a drawing. 

Obtaining addresses and permission to contact open house visitors enables us to have ongoing contact with individuals who have expressed an interest in your home and who may benefit from future notifications about price reductions or other items of interest.

If you enjoyed reading this series and would like to know more about our services, visit us on line at or e-mail us at

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