How Come No One Came to My Grand Rapids, MI Open House? (Part 3)

*This post is a part of a Series about Open House Attendance in Grand Rapids, Michigan:  The links to previous articles are listed below.

How Come No One Came to My Grand Rapids, MI Open House?

How Come No One Came to My Grand Rapids, MI Open House? (Part 2)

home buying in Grand Rapids, MichiganOne of the most unexpected obstacles to potential prospects coming into an Open House is an item which has been your long time alley in marketing your Grand Rapids, Michigan home.  Your Real Estate Sign! 

Sometimes a sign tells a buyer who stops by an Open House too much.  For instance, many real estate agents will place a brochure box on your For Sale Sign so that motorist can stop and pick up a brochure with information about your home.  While this is great when you don’t want unexpected visitors, it can be a problem when you want people to come in and they grab a brochure instead.

So, for starters, make sure your real estate does NOT have a Full Brochure Box when you have an Open House.  This does not mean that you should minimize your sign.  On the contrary…Your sign can be a great tool.  Remember that your sign is being driven by daily.  Motorist may block it out subconsciously because they are used to seeing it. 

An Open House is the time to dress up your sign in it’s Sunday Best!  Make it burst with color using large helium balloons.  Tie a number of these around your mailbox too.  You may want to have a few balloons tied to signs directing passersby to your home.  Balloons invite people to a party.  You want them to feel like you’re giving one when you Advertise an Open House.

Paying attention to these simple things can be very important.  Always remember, you don’t need 100 potential prospects tramping through your home to buy it…You only need the Right One…The Qualified, Ready, Willing and Able Buyer for your home!

In Part 4 We will be talking about Getting The Word Out!

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2 thoughts on “How Come No One Came to My Grand Rapids, MI Open House? (Part 3)

  1. Thanks for your comment. Come back for more of this series. You’ll be very interested in reading the next two issues about how to maximize Open House interest in New Ways! I’ll be posting number 4 & 5 soon.

  2. I love the open house! Always have…our local board is currently running Brokers Tours weekly and the first week was last week..attendance was awful. Such a shame that even realtors don’t make an effort to know the inventory.

    I hope they build momentum and spring will improve the public open house attendance. It is a great way to get to know the market in a no pressure way.

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