The Heat Map…Re-defining the Meaning of Hot Grand Rapids Properties!

Bull's eyeHot Off the Press!  The Grand Rapids Association of Realtors has just rolled out a brand NEW re-design of it’s Multiple Listing Service website.  Training to understand how to fully utilize the site has been on-going and sometimes gruelling for real estate agents and brokers since December of 2007.

The New Multiple Listing Service (MLS)  will allow real estate agents to do an extraordinary amount of in-depth analysis of neighborhood values and communities.  Agents will eventually be able to create personal websites and URL’s for individual customers to have access to highly personalized information.

Enhanced mapping functions and research tools will enable knowledgeable  real estate agents to give clients a proverbial “peek into the future” by manipulating various scenarios to predict a probable response to a particular listing. 

For instance wouldn’t it be nice to KNOW if a 5% reduction in your price would increase your pool of potential buyers and thus chance of a successful sale by 25%?  In a competitive environment in which sellers need to sell their property, this allows us to help you pinpoint the best strategy to get your home Sold!

One of the features which will be truly helpful to home owners is the ability to obtain a Customized Block Rendering of the Home Values across different spectres of a neighborhood.  This Heat Map will allow home owners to see at a quick glance what prices  parts of a community or neighborhood are selling forThis can also be extremely helpful when considering a home purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about how these new tools, Including the Heat Map, can help you make a wise decision regarding Selling or Buying a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, please e-mail us at  

In addition, we’ll be happy to e-mail you a  preview a sample of our comprehensive marketing plan along with other information regarding our specialized Internet Marketing Services.  Our on-line services will enable your home listing to have enhanced visibility on the Internet where it has been documented over 80% of Home Buyers look first!

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